Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude 11-15-08

You know, today was one of those really mundane days. Just a hang out at the house, no makeup , stay in your jammies practically all day kind of day. So when I sat down to blog a gratitude list, I'm embarrassed to say that nothing really sprang to mind. So today's list will be a little...boring maybe. We'll see what I come up with.

1. watching a movie with my kids that I watched when I was a kid. (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

2. finding my running shoes online for 90 dollars instead of 130 dollars. (last year's model. i dont care.)

3. leftovers for dinner

4. my kids going to bed without any fuss tonight

5. liam "working out" with me today

6. the funny thing addy said to me while on the potty- "mom my toot sounded like clarky's squeaker toy!!" *cue hysterical giggles*

7. cold, crazy windy weather that makes it perfect for Chicken Tortilla Soup tomorrow! yum!!

8. my Real Simple mag coming in the mail today

9. being able to incinerate calories for 24 hours with one 20 minute workout. (google HIIT)

10. Addy snuggling me all day because she doesnt feel good.

11. i'm grateful i can come up with all these things to be grateful for even on days that feel boring and barefoot house-wife-y. That in itself is a blessing, no?

BONUS NUMBER 12: Twilight coming out this next weekend!!!! how could I forget??

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a Couple...

of random things that are floating around my head.

1. Can you believe that it's almost Thanksgiving? One day at Hobby Lobby right before Halloween, they were playing Christmas songs!!! Crazy. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year- my family is coming down and we should have alot of fun. Also, I am looking forward to Black Friday, because shhhhh, we are getting the kids a trampoline this year. I am very nervous about this because I know all the things that happened to my brothers and I on our and our friends' trampolines, but Liam has been BEGGING for one, and I am consoling myself with the fact that we will be getting the safety net thingy that goes around it. Of course, that doesnt keep anyone safe from flying ninja kicks to the cheekbone and hospital trips to repair said shattered cheekbone (right Miles?) but I'm not going to think about that.

2 .I am so glad that I have YW counselors now!! Yea! I heard they were awesome Sunday when I wasnt there- they had just been called in Sacrament that day too! I had no clue they were getting called and they just jumped right in and gave the lesson. P.S. it is really hard to run YW with just yourself and your secretary. Do not attempt.

3. This article really burns me up.

That's all for now. There's alot more floating around up here, but I will save you from boredom by not writing about it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I really, really

really hate hormones.

Was pregnancy, labor, and delivery not enough of a challenge?? Do we have to have a monthly one too?

i used to get really bad cramps until i started taking my Barleans supplement. (see list, "supplements i swear by" at the side). I also used to look 5 months pregnant because I would be so bloated- it didnt matter what i did, i would always look chubby around "that time". Seriously, you should look into that supplement. I looooove it.

So now my only monthly challenge is the witchi-ness. I cant stand the fact that I cant control my mood or thoughts. My words, I have ever so kindly been reminded by my husband, are a different story. I can control those. I wish he would stop being so good at pointing out what should be glaringly obvious to me.

So, I am trying harder to think about what I say before I say it. It's that or take a vow of silence for a few days a month. Or duct tape. Or maybe a combination of all three?

Because I really, really, dont want to look back on my life when all is said and done and realize I sounded like Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC. I mean, I love her and her little family, that is one of my favorite shows, but boy she can really be hateful to her husband. I dont think I'm that bad, but then again I'm not about to go ask Shawn and find out the truth.

All I'm sayin is, "Why do women have to have periods?" will be one of the first questions I am asking Heavenly Father when I see Him again. What about you? What will be your first question??

Thursday, November 6, 2008

today i am grateful for...

1. homemade pizza with whole wheat crust
2. my husband who cleans the house every morning while i am at work
3. that my family is coming for thanksgiving
4. cooking with my kids in the kitchen
5. karma-what goes around comes around people!! So dont talk bad about someone to get them fired so you can have their job, because then the economy will crash and the company you badmouthed someone to work for will crash and you wont have a job!! bwahahhahah!!! ahem...sorry.
6. my husband having a job
7. my new furniture

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

well what are your thoughts??

How do you feel about the outcome of this presidential election? I, for one, am not happy. And alot of the people I see and talk to everyday are not happy. Yet all that is being shown on the major news stations are people so hysterically happy they're crying, Oprah and Jesse Jackson among them. Young idealist college students gave Obama this presidency, and they wanted "change". I want change too, we all do, but does nobody realize just what kind of change we are about to get? I could be wrong. I hope I am. We shall see what the next 4 years bring.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

did you know..

that in mexico the word for christmas is belize doddy-da?

just ask liam.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am so embarrased...

I just logged on and saw that the date of my last post was JUNE 28!!! That is terrible!! But, by way of explanation, I have not had the internet. Right now I am at my in-laws house using theirs. I really wish I could post some pics so you could see everything we had been up to- but I guess I'll have to settle for telling you.

Well, we got moved in. That was way fun and I enjoyed every minute. Seriously. Those boxes did not sit for long before they were emptied and BURNED!! bwahahahahah!!!! (just kidding on the burning- we reused them and let other people use them like the responsible global warming conscious people we are. Well. Maybe I did burn one, just for fun.) I love living in my house and waking up every day in my OWN room, and decorating my kids rooms, and all that fun stuff. Oh, and p.s. on the kids rooms, you know how I was asking for floor painting ideas? Yeah, well, I said forget that and we got carpet. Way too complicated for my peel-and-stick sensibilities.

This summer we basically went to the pool everyday and got brown as nuts. Liam became so much more comfortable with the water and by the second week we were there he was jumping in and doing tricks and putting his head underwater. BIG, big steps for Mr. Liam. (who by the way hates it when I call him that).

The end of the summer we were getting Liam ready for SCHOOL!! Wow, how exciting. He loves his teacher, loves his friends, and it's so fun to me to catch him singing a little song to himself that he learned that day in school or something. However, I have been dying for details of his days away and it has been like pulling teeth to get him to tell me!! The first day I was all spastic, I will admit that, and probably a leeetle annoying with all my questions (as evidenced by his answer to me finally "Mom, are you going to ask me all these questions everyday when I come home?") so I just have to be ready for when he's feeling chatty and starts talking. It's like "whoa, liam are you talking about school? let me drop this hot pasta pot and listen!"

My brother Miles just came home from his mission in Canada- how awesome is that? We had a fun weekend hanging out with him and seeing his face again! Welcome home Miles!!!

Let's see, what else? I guess just the day-to-day things that we all do. It's funny how you can be so busy but upon reflection you cant really remember what you were so busy with! I've got to go ahead and hop off for now but hopefully I can post some pics soon. Have a great Wednesday!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Okay Maybe I Lied...

Anyway, here are some pics of the house- sorry there are so many but I wanted to show my family how it had turned out.

As you walk into the master bedroom.
The faucets in my bathroom. I love them!
Front on view of my closet.

Dining room.
Ha, this is how our first moving day started out. The car wouldnt start!!!
Kitchen. Where my stand mixer is there will be a microwave someday, but we didnt feel like shelling out the major moola for the one that matches the oven right now. We dont really use the microwave anyway, so we can wait. Right now it's a good cubby for the mixer! Through the door there you can kind of see where the laundry room is, and then to the right of that hallway is the guest room/workout room and guest bath. I dont know why the hall color looks diff from the kitchen color because they're the same.

Breakfast nook.

Front door. I am in love with it.
Okay, that's all. When ya comin over??? :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

We're finally ready to move today!!!

We'll be moving today and tomorrow- it wont all get done today. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Yippee!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


For Father's Day, I took some pictures of Liam and Addison dressed up in their dad's clothes- Liam was Working Dad and had on a suit, and Addy was Golfing Dad and had on a golfing outfit, complete with driver. They turned out SO CUTE. I take the card to Walmart to get them printed, and for some reason my card didnt work in the photo machine. Hmm, that's strange, it worked at home in my card reader, I thought. The lady tried to make it work and kept shoving it in and out, and finally I made her stop (politely) and just said oh well. Well, when I got it home and put it my card reader again, IT WOULDNT WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Now the card is asking if I want to format it... NO I dont want to format you and erase everything on there!! So I googled the problem and came up with some recovery software that found the pictures that were on there- over 400- and as I was looking at them more than half are ruined- like they wont come up or they're just pink and green and black squiggles. So then I go to download them and the software is gonna make me pay 40 dollars just so I can have my pictures back!! That is highway robbery! They are taking advantage of people who will do anything just to get those precious pictures back. I will probably pay it but it will be very painful. Almost as painful as the card being ruined in the first place. Easter, Liam's T-Ball, etc.... lost in a little blue card.

So the moral of the story is: DOWNLOAD AND PRINT YOUR PICTURES AS SOON AS YOU TAKE THEM!!! Learn from my misery!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pick a Pail of Peppers

Can you guess who's place this was after dinner tonight? I'll give you a hint: it starts with "L" and ends with "M". We had pasta salad and "somebody" picked out all the peppers. Notice the dressing sucked cleanly from each pepper and onion before being placed in the pile. That kid cracks me up.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Currently Listening To...

Coldplay's new album. Oh boy. Is it ever good. Get thyself to iTunes or wherever and pick this bad boy up. You wont regret it!!

Family pics

It's a pic of a pic, so the shadow at the bottom is my fault, sorry, but I wanted to post it and I dont have a digital version. We went and took these 2 weeks ago at Olan Mills for a 10 dollar donation. I am quite pleased at how they turned out! I have some more of just me and Shawn, just Liam and Addy, just the kids individually, and I have a ton of them! He made me an offer I couldnt refuse, so I bought them all! lol. I'm normally kind of a picture snob I guess? I dont really like posed studio portraits but I was happy with these and these are the first updated family pics we've had in a while.

Anyway, if you want one, email or comment and I will mail you one!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dontcha wish you could just pop on over for a cookie? I wish you could too! But since you cant, I guess I'll just eat enough for both of us!!
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More Slightly Belated Fathers Day

My dad. What a guy!
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(Only Slightly) Belated Father's Day!

Happy Fathers day to my baby daddy! We couldnt ask for better!!
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Happy Seriously Belated Mothers Day!!

My mom is always up for whatever goofy thing Liam and Addy come up with! Love ya mom!!!
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Midafternoon slump

This is what I feel like today.

I cant get out of it. The kids are thankfully entertained with the batches of homemade playdoh we made this morning.

But the laundry? That REALLY, REALLY needs to get done??

So not getting done today.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Ladies, I need your creative ideas. Our budget wont allow for carpet in the kids rooms (we overpsent in a few places). So now I have the idea that I could paint the floors in their rooms, something fun but also *very* simple. Addy's room is kind of a shabby chic cottage room, with pink walls and this bedding, on a white bed. Liams walls are a bright lime green. (Karie, it's very similiar to Dustins walls) His bedding is a pottery barn kids quilt with lots of colors in it that would be easy to pull from and tie in- orange, green, navy, khaki, light blue.

I'm thinking that this might be a blessing in disguise, since it will be so easy to clean, and durable. We will of course add rugs for softness and comfort. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some ideas. Thanks!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Blogging Sabbatical

At first when I didnt blog for a week or two it wasnt intentional- I kept meaning "to get around to it". Then as time went on and more holidays and blog worthy things passed me by, it just seemed too overwhelming to have to blog about it all. I was sooooo crazy busy- the part time job at the Pro Shop (which I quit about 2 weeks ago) my new calling (which I'm finally getting the hang of) building the house (for a while I was there everyday helping shawn with something) and for about a month we were sick with one thing after another: flu, scary fever that we took Addison to the ER for, pink eye, stomach flu, and then more pink eye. There was a long time when I hardly talked to anyone. In fact, my mom called a couple of times and I was never able to answer the phone, and she finally left me a message on my voicemail that said "Um, hi. I am looking for my daughter. She's tall and has long blondish brown hair. She was last seen working on her house. I have reason to believe she may have gone crazy and run for the hills. If you have any information on her whereabouts please call (and then she stated her phone number). Thanks." So when I called her back I acted like the reception was bad "out here in the hills I ran to." lol.

So, let's see...what have we been up to?? We still havent moved into our house. Hopefully by the end of the month. Yesterday we went and bought all our appliances, so that was fun. For us. Not the kids. I dont know what it is about Lowe's but it *always* triggers an allergic reaction in my kids that causes crankiness, an extreme desire to run up and down the aisles, and an urge to flush all the fake toilets and "turn the water on" in all the fake sinks. Even having the never-fail backup, an iPod with Sesame Street video podcasts, is not a sure antidote. Let's see what else about the house? Oh oh oh the kitchen cabinets are installed and painted, and they are lovely, if I say so myself. Somebody's coming soon to glaze them because the painter was going to charge us $2500 to glaze!!!!! Shawn was like, "um, no. That's ridiculous because I have people that will do that for $6-800." The guy didnt back down on his price so we figured he just didnt want to drive out here anymore. He lives about an hour away. Tuesday the granite people came and installed all the countertops. Yesterday the plumbers were here installing all the faucets and getting the tub in the master bath ready to go. So now Shawn and I will finish painting and cleaning, and then next Thursday all the electrical work will be done, like installing lights and ceiling fans and stuff. There will still be a few little things to do after that but we are moving in anyway.
The weather has been gorgeous, so we have been outside almost everyday. I finally picked up golf, after 7 1/2 years of Shawn asking me to play. He says that I'm doing really good, and there's something about a "natural draw" which I have no idea what that is but I think he's just telling me that to feed my ego so I'll keep playing. We've been playing tennis too and most of the time we have the courts to ourselves so Liam and Addy wheel around on their bike and trike while I try not to knock them unconscious from an errant serve. So far, so good.
I have a bunch of pictures to upload and tell stories about so I guess I'll do that in the next few posts. I will try not to be too embarrassed to upload Easter and birthday pics (!) but it is more for my benefit than yours so that when I am on my deathbed I can look back on my life and die peacefully, knowing that in 2008 my blog and family did not suffer neglect from having an insufficient number of holiday and birthday pictures posted.
Have a wonderful day! I hope the weather is pretty where you're at too!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


isnt she sweet? wait a that a..? In her hand? That looks like a tampon! I can only imagine the fun that provided before she fell asleep. You dont know how hard I laughed when I walked in and saw that.

p.s. just so you dont think I let my daughter rummage through the bathroom trash for toys, she dug it out of my purse that was hanging near where she sleeps. The contents of the purse were everywhere. Apparently the tampon held the greatest fascination for her. Which seems to be a theme lately for her. She really loves her feminine products. Like last night Liam was tantruming and in the big middle of it Addy comes running up laughing hysterically, naked as a jaybird, with a, ahem, feminine product stuck to her belly. I have to admit it provided some much needed comic relief. For me. Not so much for Liam. Who cried louder when he saw me laughing. It runs the gamut around here, ya know?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

These Are My Confessions...

Confession 1: I never like how my stylist styles my hair after they've cut it. Especially when they get out the blowdryer and flat iron. I never know what I'll end up with. I have only liked the style one time and that was when that guy in Houston cut my hair in the Willowbrook Mall. Mom where was that again? What was his name? Anyway, I always look in the mirror, after they've finished shellacking and primping and try to act like I love it, but honestly, I get about a mile away from the salon and I twist the rearview mirror and put everything where it goes. Now, that's not to say that I dont love the cut, because the next day after I've fiddled with it myself I always end up liking it. Well. Most of the time. Another thing is: are you self conscious about fixing it in the mirror when the stylist is watching? That's why I wait until I'm about a mile away and then doodle with it. I'm always afraid of offending them or something!

Confession 2: Today after my haircut I bought a bacon cheeseburger at Burger King and picked out all the bacon. It was gross.

Confession 3: Grocery shopping with my kids makes me want to scream. I hate it. I think when I became a mother I didnt get the "dont mind hauling your kid to walmart" gene. If you gave me a choice between, say, I dont know... Lets say you said "ashley, if you stand outside naked in the cold tonight for 5 minutes I'll watch your kids while you grocery shop tomorrow." I would say "Make sure you turn off the porch light!". In other words, I wouldnt hesitate to let you watch my kids, no matter the conditions you set forth!!! I am going to dedicate a whole post to this, and you'll laugh and think oh that's so funny, but it will be true. Every word of it.

Confession 3: I need to go to bed. Night!

p.s. I am very glad spellcheck is working again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I like you just the way you are

Today Liam went to work with me and can I just say that I totally see the Shawn in him. Wanna know why? Well, I gave him a little job to do- washing the (glass) windows and doors, and told him I'd pay him 50 cents. He got done with that and BAM it's like a fire got lit under his booty. All of a sudden he was streaking from here to there doing all sorts of little jobs. He emptied out the trash into the outside trash can, vacummed, swept the outside, refilled the candy that needed refilling, re-arranged the hats, dusted, and was going to refill the drink cooler vendor thingy but I stopped him when I realized he was refilling it with expired drinks. ;) He did all that without a word from me. So Shawn. Not being able to sit still- always busy busy busy. I paid him a dollar for all that hard work- he definitely earned it! If I dont watch out he'll be stealing my job from me!

After work Shawn asked me to come over to the house and clean the brick so the mud from this weekend's rain wouldnt stain it. While I was doing that Liam and Addy worked their way over to hole number 3 in our backyard, and it's kind of built up on a hill. They had the best time just hanging out on that hill. Eventually Liam hit upon the fantastic idea of rolling down it and I had serious flashbacks watching he and addy doing that because it reminds me of walking down to UT Tyler with my family on Sundays and they had a humongous hill that my brothers and I would ruin our jeans on. That is one of my favorite things though (i'm flashing back to the present, folks- stay with me)- watching my kids have fun together, and laugh and run around. It makes up for all the cranky, why-did-you-hit-your-sister, addy-dont-take-things-from-your-brother-please-stop-screaming-like-a-banshee moments.

And of course the kids got filthy so when we got home they got plunked in the bath tub. Sometimes while they're in there I play with my makeup, and tonight I was playing around with my eyeshadows. I was in the middle of putting some on, and Liam goes "Mom, you dont have to wear makeup. I like you just the way you are." I. love. that boy.

After I got the kids to sleep Shawn asked me to come back over to the house and help with some more stuff, and it was strange walking alone together, because that hasn't happened in quite a while. I was like " are you? what's goin on in your life?" He was like "I know! It feels like I've been out of town or something and we havent talked in forever!" I will be so glad when we are done with this house and we can both have a normal life again. 6 more weeks..............

I'll try not to end up in a rubber room by that time!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belated valentine

So I totally meant to post these on the actual day, thereby giving you all a virtual valentine, but you'll just have to settle for a few days late.
1. To Poppy, Granna and Mate
2. For Miles- we love you!!!!!!!
3. For everybody else- the reason Addy is not in this one is because my take-a-good-picture bribe, peanut m&m's, ran out. Addy doesnt work for free.
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1. the front, obviously
2. living room
3. back
4. front door

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A Slow Saturday

So what are you up to today? Us, nothing much. Well, when I say "us", I mean the lazy 3/4 of the family. (me, liam, addy). Shawn is working on the house doing electrical work. Shout out to my hard working hubby who even when the weather is cold, rainy, and generally yucky goes out and gets stuff done. Me....not so much. This morning we had a late, yummy breakfast, which I havent cooked in forever. Eggs, sausage, biscuits, pancakes...mmm mmmm. Mostly I havent cooked that in forever because I can't stand eating greasy, fried pig patties but you know some days it just sounds good. Then Liam and I cleaned the kitchen (no really, he did help. It wasnt the usual kid "helping" that makes you wish they werent "helping"). Then he and addy scattered to play mario carts .....

Liam: "Addy watch how I jump. See? That's how you jump. These buttons. Do you want to try it?"

Addy: blank look.

Liam gives up and just plays on his own. Addison continues to watch on the couch with all the necessites of life surrounding her: bee, blanket, binkie, and bunny. Gotta have em all or life's not worth living.

Man, I am dying to tell you what I got Shawn for his upcoming 30th birthday!!! But I cant because he is a frequent reader, and it would spoil it. Love ya babe!! ;)

Have I ever told you how much my dog HATES rain? Detests it. Hides like a baby when it thunders. Will not set a paw outside if it even looks like a drop of rain maybe might possibly fall from the sky. The poor dog has been "holding it" all this morning. I keep opening the door when the rain slows down thinking surely he'll have to go bad enough to eventually tough it out and step outside. Nope. Finally about 5 minutes ago he started pacing around the kitchen, so I opened the door for him- he took a quick look at the sky, seemed to say to himself "it's now or never old boy" and made a run for it. He squatted and peed for at least 2 minutes, I am not even kidding. Then he ran to his poo place, took care of that, and dashed back to the window so I'd know he was done. It cracked me up!

So to borrow a term from Heather, I am one-tracking a Disney Cruise. Seriously, I'm obsessed. All my money is going to saving for that next summer. (well, and some new furniture for the house.) Hopefully there wont be any newborns or hugely pregnant people, i.e. me, to stop the Disney magic. No, I am not pregnant right now. But I'm just sayin. As soon as Addison's potty trained, which will be when we move in our new house, we'll be thinking about having another one. Because, you know, there's just something about poopy diapers that I can't stand to be parted from. I love being up to my elbows in green baby poo while Liam ninja kicks *rightthere* beside it and nearly ninja-lands in it. Fun times, you know? Wow that paragraph totally landed in a different place than it started out at. But yeah. Disney Cruise. Us. One day.

Well, I've got some house update pics if ya want em... the outside is completely done except for a few minor things and the front door, which was special order so it's taking forrrrrreeeevvvvvveeerrrrrr to get here, but hopefully, *fingers crossed* it will be here Tuesday. But Shawn finagled a price break since it's taken so long, and they gave us 1000 bucks off. Yes! Love that.

Yall have a good Saturday!

p.s. I'm going to do pics in the next post because I thought I had updated ones but I dont. So I'm going to run over there and take some and post them in a little bit.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Holy crow...

life has certainly picked up in the last few weeks. Here are a few of the reasons why, and maybe then you'll understand why I have neglected my little blog...

1. I got a small part time job at the pro shop here on the golf course. I love it! I just work from 8-12 monday through friday, and shawn's schedule recently changed so he could be home with the kids during that time. It's kind of funny how it worked out... I had asked about working in the Pro shop a couple months ago but was told they were waiting for an actual Pro to come work here, and he would be hiring his own staff. Well, of course I forgot all about it until one day a couple of weeks ago I get a call from the pro asking if I was still interested in working there. I said sure and he scheduled an interview for the next day and I got the job! Then a few days after that is when shawn found out his schedule was about to change, and now he works from 3 pm to 12 am. Perfect! Right now though my mother-in-law is watching the kids while I'm gone because Shawn is sooooo crazy busy building the house, but once the house is built life will slow down for him and we wont have to leave the kids with anyone else. Which is important.

I really love my little job though. It was hard to leave the kids for that first week or so, but I'm so much happier all the time now. I'm not cranky anymore, and I have alot more energy and motivation to get things done. So I've realized that for me (and my house haha) it is much better for me to get out of the house for a little bit each day than to stay home and be miserable. Which I was. It sounds horrible to use the word "miserable"...maybe a more apt description would be that I was very out-of-balance. This is such a touchy subject though, isnt it? There are people on both sides who feel passionately about their choice. And I agree that if you are working working working all the time and you dont even need to, then you need to reset your priorities. Especially if your kids are getting shuffled around to daycare everyday. But also, the issue of mothers working outside the home deserves a second thought instead of covering it with the blanket "mothers shouldnt work unless they have to." Because some people can get pretty high on their stay-at-home-mom horse.

2. As some of you already know (who read Celeste's blog :)) I got called as Young Womens President. I very nearly told the Bishop no. I really struggled in his office and the only thing that saved me was my firm belief and promise to myself that you never say no to a calling. So I said yes but still came home just torn about how I was going to do this, I mean, I live 30 minutes from the meetinghouse, and the time you have to put in in this position...well, it's not so easy on the gas bill, ya know what I mean? Plus I'll be gone from the house even more...girls camp, stake dances...but there comes a time in your life when you have to decide if you're willing to sacrifice a little to do what the Lord asks you. We're not gauranteed an easy time of it here and if there was no sacrifice then there would be no blessings. We cant expect to just take take take the blessings the Lord gives us and not give anything in return. And I have been highly blessed, in so may just wouldnt be right if I gave a half-hearted effort. So I've gotten more excited as the weeks go by- last Wednesday was our first mutual and Sunday was the first Sunday with them, and I LOVE my counselors and secretary. They rock, and they are so perfect for me. And the girls love them which is essential! :)

3. Our house is on schedule! Which is a good thing because I'M GOING INSANE! It really sucks sharing a room with my 2 kids, and that's all I have to say about that. Especially since Liam has started "noticing" pretty girls on t.v. For example yesterday one of the super bowl ads starred Naomi Campbell dancing to "thriller" by micheal jackson- maybe you remember that one. She looked hot. Liam just stood there in front of the tv, with a look on his face that I imagine might be seen on the face of a man lost in the desert who has found water. Mouth hanging open, glassy-eyed- you get the idea. When it's over he turns to me and says rather dreamily, "i wish you were pretty like her, mom." I had to laugh, no offense taken- I'm under no illusions about how I rank with Naomi Campbell. lol. So now I'm just more concerned about my privacy now that Liam is showing an interest in girls. lol.

There you have it- my last few weeks in a nutshell. I've got some errands to run so have a great day! And if you live in Oklahoma, enjoy the pretty weather today because tomorrow it'll be gone!

ps sorry about any typos or misspelled words- for some reason spell check isnt working.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This shirt makes me salivate...

if you click here you can see it.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I HAD to post this picture...

For a few reasons:

#1, it cracks me up.
#2 I thought I had lost it (the picture, not my mind)
#3 I cannot believe how small Liam looks.
#4 I am really glad I've let my hair grow out.
p.s. we were doing prenatal yoga. And as you can see, my house was very sparsely furnished at the time. lol. (we had just moved in.)

Liam turns 5!

Liam turned 5 recently, and I am frankly flabbergasted that he's "a whole hand." We took him to Pizza Planet Plano which was fun but also very crowded. It was just the sort of place you might lose your kid and never find them again, so thankfully my mom and dad and Mate were there to help keep an eye on the 5 kids we had brought. They had a blast, the pizza was good, and it was so great to see my family, who drove down to help him celebrate. They got to stay the weekend and we got to show them around the community.
Then we took him to Target to spend his Christmas gift card and his birthday moneys and we just let him go crazy in the toy aisle. We figured, you only turn 5 once, right? Some of the stuff he picked I winced at, because they were the most random things and I could just see where this was headed about a week down the road but oh well. The one thing I really wanted him to look at was G.I. Joes because my husband and my brothers were crazy about those things when they were young, and I knew Liam would like them too. First of all you had to dig around amongst the other ridiculous toys they sell for boys, and then they had a poo-ey selection, and then when we got it opened up (which is a whole 'nother irritation- why do they package toys the way they do? Do they enjoy irritating me?? Do they enjoy the thought of me being out-smarted by a twisty-tie?? Sadistic toy packagers.) I digress. What was I complaining about? The horrible fart my dog just farted right here under my feet? Oh yes, the cheap quality of the G.I. Joes. Man, they just dont make em like they used to. They dont even really look cool anymore. He still loves playing with them, but man....they just dont make em like they used to. That's fo' sho'.

So my little boy looks not so little anymore and I can swear some days he looks bigger than he did the day before. He's such a blessing to me, and these are 5 of the thousand reasons why:

1. This boy forgives faster than you can say "Will you forgive me?" I am constantly reminded of how much we are to be like little children: meek, humble, and forgiving, when Liam is around.

2. This boy has got a bug in his soul for music and dancing. It is always a day brightener to watch him rock out to his favorite songs (which just happen to be my favorite songs- right now the favorite around here is "You Cant Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. It is a HOOT watching he and Addy dance around the kitchen to that. And very infectious.)

3. He's got a great desire to be like Nephi, Jesus, and Joseph Smith. One day at bedtime we were chatting and I asked him who his favorite superheroes were. The answer: "Spiderman, Batman, and Joseph Smith." He really tries hard to do the right thing. He always says sorry when he messes up. And, for the most part, is incredibly kind to his little sis.

4. Liam is a cuddle bug!!! And I love it! He's got a knack for giving you a hug when you need it most.

5. He's got a great sense of humor and pops out with stuff when I least expect it. I'm guaranteed a good laugh when Liam's around.

Love ya wimmy! Here's to so many more!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Let us all take a moment...

and reflect back on the life of bee. It is with heavy heart that I inform you of her demise. You see, we are dogsitting a dog for my brother and sister-in-law until they are able to move into their condo. Yes, you can already see where this sad story is going. I was in here in the kitchen when I heard this jingling behind me. I thought it was addy playing with a jingle bell ornament, as we were in the process of dismantling the tree. Finally I turned around to look, and there was that dog chewing bee's head off. I freaked out and went ape on that dog. All I really remember is saying "NO!" in a horrified voice a whole bunch of times. The kids heard me and came running to see what was going on, and when Addy saw bee she cried the most heartbreaking cry I have ever heard.
But let us not dwell too long on her untimely death. Instead, I will point you to this blog here so that we can all remember what a great little companion she was for Addison.
The good news is that I do have that other bee from ebay. THANK HEAVENS! I bleached her, roughed her up a little, and now everything is hunky-dory again. It took Addy a few hours to get used to the new one because she definitely knew something was different, but we just kept saying "nana fixed her! and she's all clean and pretty again!"- finally she swallowed the story and went to sleep with her, though still not as snuggled up with her as she used to do with Old Bee.
Thank you all for your love and prayers as we get through this difficult time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Recap

Okay, so this time of year is CRAZY! It really seems to fly by with all the preparations you make for it, and then before you know it the new year is here and life slows down again. There are so many things I need to blog about- Christmas, Liams Birthday, New Years, and of course all the little stuff that happens in between! So first, Christmas...

right before we got started making cookies.

sampling the fruits of our labors.

The result of Addy turning the mixer on to a crazy fast speed with her face held a leetle to close to the mixing bowl. She freaked out at first and then laughed.

After Liam decided he wanted flour on his face too and just threw it on himself.
If you look closely you can tell I have flour on my face- this would be the result of a practical joke gone wrong. See, Ila came into the kitchen and I told Liam to pretend he was giving her a hug but in reality he was going to throw a fistful of flour on her. Well, seeing as how Liam is totally transparent in his actions and face, she knew something was up and when he went to throw the flour on her (with me holding him) she grabbed his hand and turned it on me!! Another thing I love about this picture is how it shows Addy's new picture taking face. You say "cheese!" and she says "sheeeeeeese!". I love it.

And now, the good times end. Seriously. Kaput. I think someone may have come and snuck my happy kids out of the house and replaced them with the crankiest, grumpiest, sassiest imitations they could find. Christmas Eve this year was the worst, ever. Nothing really went according to plan (and maybe that was the problem- did I over plan the night?) but it all started during the Christmas Story reading, when I couldnt pry Liam away from his dumb video game.(very out of character, both to be playing a video game and to refuse to put it down). Finally he was convinced to come in the kitchen and sat on my lap on the floor, as close to the living room and video game as possible. (can you see me making a face?) Addison has started taking her clothes and diaper off at every possible opportunity and Christmas eve was no exception. She sat down on the floor in her little booster seat naked as a newborn and about the middle of the story she jumped up and freaked out because she had peed all over the seat. She then said "help mommy" and "helped" by bringing me the seat full of pee, spilling it all over the floor, thereby ensuring there would be a huge mess to clean up. What a little helper. *sarcasm* That pretty much put an end to the reading. Then we went into the living room to open up a present (jammies). Liam refused to put them on because he was mad he didnt open a toy. Liam then proceeded to act like we have spoiled him rotten his whole life by demanding a toy, crying, screaming- oh boy it was a doozy. About an hour later he calmed down, put the jammies on, and about 30 minutes later peed in them. Yeah. Thats right. Peed. That's when we decided enough was enough. Bedtime! They would NOT go to bed, not for Santa Clause excitement as you would rightly assume, but just out of sheer rebellion. I had a melt down, Aunt Ila and Tonya put the kids to bed, and I put out Santa toys despite repeating the phrase "Santa WILL NOT come to our house tonight!" an ineffective 1002 times. I still cant figure out why they both had such a total and complete meltdown, because it wasnt just Liam- Addy put in her fair share of screaming too. The only thing I know is that neither one of them has been the same since we had to move in with somebody else. Nothing really goes according to routine, and maybe it was just too much for them that night? Who knows?

Christmas morning was much better, with both of them acting like they had never so much as considered acting like banshees. Following are pictures of happy children (and parents):

waiting in the hallway for everyone to get out of bed
i love her sleepy face. Why dont I look that cute in the morning?

Rescue Center excitement. Note Christmas jammy bottoms from last year.

Doll house un-excitement. Maybe she's mad she has a droopy bow on her gift.

Santa helper Liam

The happy family. A couple of things to note: Liam immediately changed when he opened that light up spider man shirt. Shawn is holding a hello kitty popcorn maker from his parents and Ila. He's really wanted one and apparently everyone was out of mature looking popcorn makers. Addy's face is covered in the candy she found in her stocking and ate it all in about 30 minutes. I have on a necklace and earrings that were self-bought Christmas gifts. I had to put them on and try them out!

More to come later. I've ignored my kids enough for now.