Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family pics

It's a pic of a pic, so the shadow at the bottom is my fault, sorry, but I wanted to post it and I dont have a digital version. We went and took these 2 weeks ago at Olan Mills for a 10 dollar donation. I am quite pleased at how they turned out! I have some more of just me and Shawn, just Liam and Addy, just the kids individually, and I have a ton of them! He made me an offer I couldnt refuse, so I bought them all! lol. I'm normally kind of a picture snob I guess? I dont really like posed studio portraits but I was happy with these and these are the first updated family pics we've had in a while.

Anyway, if you want one, email or comment and I will mail you one!
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Lisa said...

Addy is getting so big! She looks like you in that picture. Very cute family pic!

Karie said...

Lovely picture!!!! It's good to see the whole family. I was thinking how nice it looked with everyone in white. Thanks for posting! I'm assuming we will get one for Christmas??