Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I really, really

really hate hormones.

Was pregnancy, labor, and delivery not enough of a challenge?? Do we have to have a monthly one too?

i used to get really bad cramps until i started taking my Barleans supplement. (see list, "supplements i swear by" at the side). I also used to look 5 months pregnant because I would be so bloated- it didnt matter what i did, i would always look chubby around "that time". Seriously, you should look into that supplement. I looooove it.

So now my only monthly challenge is the witchi-ness. I cant stand the fact that I cant control my mood or thoughts. My words, I have ever so kindly been reminded by my husband, are a different story. I can control those. I wish he would stop being so good at pointing out what should be glaringly obvious to me.

So, I am trying harder to think about what I say before I say it. It's that or take a vow of silence for a few days a month. Or duct tape. Or maybe a combination of all three?

Because I really, really, dont want to look back on my life when all is said and done and realize I sounded like Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC. I mean, I love her and her little family, that is one of my favorite shows, but boy she can really be hateful to her husband. I dont think I'm that bad, but then again I'm not about to go ask Shawn and find out the truth.

All I'm sayin is, "Why do women have to have periods?" will be one of the first questions I am asking Heavenly Father when I see Him again. What about you? What will be your first question??


Lisa said...

I hate that time of the month too!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You are so funny!Yes that time does suck and I have the same issues, which is why I have decided to breastfeed forever;)Kidding of course, but I only have 3 months left then monthly hell to come;(Sucky!!!!Thankfully are hubbys understand and can roll their eyes when we are not looking of course of the wrath would be upon their heads again!LOL Love ya and i miss you to, call me sucka!

Hannah said...

I have to say I LOVE breastfeeding for that reason. I have had a minimal amount of periods in our seven years of marriage. I think my husband is happy about that. Although, I can't complain too much considering I have never had too bad of a time with cramps, and I didn't get moody until after I had Esther. I think having her threw my hormones off. Welcome to WOMANHOOD! (I could use some duct tape all year round!)

Carissa Mason said...

I am sooooo going to go and grab me some of that Barlean's! I have been begging to find something that will prevent me from blowing up like a balloon during my time, too! Funny thing - Jonathan says I never look fat or bloated when I'm on my period. I find that terribly hard to believe considering during that time I have contemplated buying maternity outfits for the sheer fact that if someone were to ask me, "So, how far along are you?" I could simply say, "Far enough". Thanks for sharing!