Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Slow Saturday

So what are you up to today? Us, nothing much. Well, when I say "us", I mean the lazy 3/4 of the family. (me, liam, addy). Shawn is working on the house doing electrical work. Shout out to my hard working hubby who even when the weather is cold, rainy, and generally yucky goes out and gets stuff done. Me....not so much. This morning we had a late, yummy breakfast, which I havent cooked in forever. Eggs, sausage, biscuits, pancakes...mmm mmmm. Mostly I havent cooked that in forever because I can't stand eating greasy, fried pig patties but you know some days it just sounds good. Then Liam and I cleaned the kitchen (no really, he did help. It wasnt the usual kid "helping" that makes you wish they werent "helping"). Then he and addy scattered to play mario carts .....

Liam: "Addy watch how I jump. See? That's how you jump. These buttons. Do you want to try it?"

Addy: blank look.

Liam gives up and just plays on his own. Addison continues to watch on the couch with all the necessites of life surrounding her: bee, blanket, binkie, and bunny. Gotta have em all or life's not worth living.

Man, I am dying to tell you what I got Shawn for his upcoming 30th birthday!!! But I cant because he is a frequent reader, and it would spoil it. Love ya babe!! ;)

Have I ever told you how much my dog HATES rain? Detests it. Hides like a baby when it thunders. Will not set a paw outside if it even looks like a drop of rain maybe might possibly fall from the sky. The poor dog has been "holding it" all this morning. I keep opening the door when the rain slows down thinking surely he'll have to go bad enough to eventually tough it out and step outside. Nope. Finally about 5 minutes ago he started pacing around the kitchen, so I opened the door for him- he took a quick look at the sky, seemed to say to himself "it's now or never old boy" and made a run for it. He squatted and peed for at least 2 minutes, I am not even kidding. Then he ran to his poo place, took care of that, and dashed back to the window so I'd know he was done. It cracked me up!

So to borrow a term from Heather, I am one-tracking a Disney Cruise. Seriously, I'm obsessed. All my money is going to saving for that next summer. (well, and some new furniture for the house.) Hopefully there wont be any newborns or hugely pregnant people, i.e. me, to stop the Disney magic. No, I am not pregnant right now. But I'm just sayin. As soon as Addison's potty trained, which will be when we move in our new house, we'll be thinking about having another one. Because, you know, there's just something about poopy diapers that I can't stand to be parted from. I love being up to my elbows in green baby poo while Liam ninja kicks *rightthere* beside it and nearly ninja-lands in it. Fun times, you know? Wow that paragraph totally landed in a different place than it started out at. But yeah. Disney Cruise. Us. One day.

Well, I've got some house update pics if ya want em... the outside is completely done except for a few minor things and the front door, which was special order so it's taking forrrrrreeeevvvvvveeerrrrrr to get here, but hopefully, *fingers crossed* it will be here Tuesday. But Shawn finagled a price break since it's taken so long, and they gave us 1000 bucks off. Yes! Love that.

Yall have a good Saturday!

p.s. I'm going to do pics in the next post because I thought I had updated ones but I dont. So I'm going to run over there and take some and post them in a little bit.

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Celeste said...

Loved the dog story :)
Cruises are the best, totally worth the whole "savings process" to get there. You'll have a blast!!