Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am so embarrased...

I just logged on and saw that the date of my last post was JUNE 28!!! That is terrible!! But, by way of explanation, I have not had the internet. Right now I am at my in-laws house using theirs. I really wish I could post some pics so you could see everything we had been up to- but I guess I'll have to settle for telling you.

Well, we got moved in. That was way fun and I enjoyed every minute. Seriously. Those boxes did not sit for long before they were emptied and BURNED!! bwahahahahah!!!! (just kidding on the burning- we reused them and let other people use them like the responsible global warming conscious people we are. Well. Maybe I did burn one, just for fun.) I love living in my house and waking up every day in my OWN room, and decorating my kids rooms, and all that fun stuff. Oh, and p.s. on the kids rooms, you know how I was asking for floor painting ideas? Yeah, well, I said forget that and we got carpet. Way too complicated for my peel-and-stick sensibilities.

This summer we basically went to the pool everyday and got brown as nuts. Liam became so much more comfortable with the water and by the second week we were there he was jumping in and doing tricks and putting his head underwater. BIG, big steps for Mr. Liam. (who by the way hates it when I call him that).

The end of the summer we were getting Liam ready for SCHOOL!! Wow, how exciting. He loves his teacher, loves his friends, and it's so fun to me to catch him singing a little song to himself that he learned that day in school or something. However, I have been dying for details of his days away and it has been like pulling teeth to get him to tell me!! The first day I was all spastic, I will admit that, and probably a leeetle annoying with all my questions (as evidenced by his answer to me finally "Mom, are you going to ask me all these questions everyday when I come home?") so I just have to be ready for when he's feeling chatty and starts talking. It's like "whoa, liam are you talking about school? let me drop this hot pasta pot and listen!"

My brother Miles just came home from his mission in Canada- how awesome is that? We had a fun weekend hanging out with him and seeing his face again! Welcome home Miles!!!

Let's see, what else? I guess just the day-to-day things that we all do. It's funny how you can be so busy but upon reflection you cant really remember what you were so busy with! I've got to go ahead and hop off for now but hopefully I can post some pics soon. Have a great Wednesday!!