Saturday, November 17, 2007


Now, being as I'm from Texas, you'd think I wouldn't have any trouble understanding an Oklahoma accent. In fact, thus far I've had no trouble, because they're basically the same. But the other day at the ward Thanksgiving dinner, I introduced myself to someone (who doesnt read this blog) who then told me his name, which to me sounded like Lian. Like, Lee-un. So, I think to myself, oh that's cool it's kind of like Liam but with an "n". So I say "How do you spell it? L-I-A-N?" He's like, "no, it's Leeyun. L-I-N." I said "oh, I thought you said Lian. My bad." He goes, and I quote "I did! Lin, it's short for Lindel, but I didnt like that name so I shortened it to Lin." Only, when he said Lin, it still sounded like Leeyun. So I just said "oh. ok. gotcha." and moved the converation to his wife, who I could understand alot better!

And now, for something completely different...

Has anyone noticed that the commercials for this stuff, which is a Restless Legs medication, tell you to be on the alert for "increased gambling, sexual, or other urges." ????? I laughed at first, but it's really not funny. Now I'm just amazed that a medication with those kinds of side effects is allowed on the market. What a way to get out of being caught in an affair, huh? "Honey, it didnt mean anything, it was the Mirapex and those darn increased sexual urges! I swear!!!" Hmmm.......

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Project:

Get Addy to take some halfway decent pictures with the photographer. This sounds easier said than done, because the following picture is what Addy tends to do when you turn the camera on her...

I dont really have alot of good pictures of her because she is SO busy, all the time. (hence her nickname Miss Bee). This girl never stops moving, I swear! Add to that her natural inclination to do exactly the opposite of what you've asked her to do, and I think you can see why I end up with pictures like the one above. So pray for me people!! There's no telling what I'll end up with when it's over!

House update- here is the link to the plan we are building. And here is picture of the foundation:

taken from the fronttaken from the corner of the garage.

So now we are just waiting for the lady in charge of processing our loan to stop eating bonbons at her desk all day and actually send us our papers. Yeah, frustrating. Because as soon as we get our papers it's all systems go. Shawn gave her till today to get them in our mailbox or he's getting our account transferred. We shall see.

p.s. shawn is at the grocery store right now doing our shopping, and he has called me 5 times to ask me where stuff is. I think this is hilarious.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

just me and shawn, hanging out before we take the kids around.

The fam before we set out to voluntarily give our kids a shot at pancreatic failure. notice how Addy has already discovered some goodies put in there by Nana. Also notice how I am wrestling liams face *towards* the camera because he was itchin for a shot at the goodies too.

Halloween was good this year, namely because my kids got to wear their costumes like 4 separate times, so that was fun. It was the first time I had really gotten to meet people in our community and introduce myself, so that was nice. We met alot of nice people, and I got to peek inside a bunch of houses I had been curious about! haha. And it seems to be a slightly older community, so the kids ended up with a bunch of apples and bananas. Which I thought was great! We then came home, got the kids in bed, and I promptly threw away the sweetarts, bottlecaps, suckers, and bubble gum. And probably a bunch of other stuff that I cant remember now. Hey has anybody ever noticed how the inside of a Halloween bag full of candy smells? I HATE THAT SMELL! It is so disgusting to me. Just wondering if anyone else hated it too. Okay, well, I guess that's it for our Halloween 2007. Hope yours was great too!
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