Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8th Anniversary

For our anniversary we had planned on going to Dallas and spending a day or two. Well, we stopped in Sherman to do some things, and whaddya know we got stuck there! There was freezing rain that iced up the highways so we decided to just stick around Sherman. The next morning we got a call from my sister in law that Addison was throwing up!! I know what a date killer. So we ate at Johnny Carino's (which honestly wasnt that great) and headed home. I am calling a major redo.

My cheeks- full of air. Shawn's cheeks- full of bread. Dont get between the man and his bread basket!!

Wow. Have I really been married 8 years?
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All The Cooks

All the lovely ladies that cooked up a storm! (Liam is so about to steal an orange roll.)
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Holy Moly

Okay so I havent blogged a meaningful blog since before Thanksgiving. Whatever. The important thing is that I'm blogging now right? Right. So for your viewing pleasure but mostly so the guilt will stop eating away at my precious sleep here are some pictures from Tgiving. The fam on both sides came to our house this year and it was heaven. Family at my house + delicious food in their hands when they knock on the door = Heaven. I wont say what it equals when they dont have delicious food in their hands. Joking!! Just a joke. I love my family! (and when I say "my family" I do mean shawn's family too.)

Addison and her cousin Arieanna waiting patiently for FOOD!! Arent they the cutest????

Me and my momma.
Me getting totally, completely unarguably owned in arm wrestling by my SIL Tiffany. I love the expressions on Miles and Shawn's faces as they witness the carnage.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

a new cookboook

So i love Oxygen magazine, and one of my favorite ladies in there is Tosca Reno. She is the nutrition writer for the magazine, and practically started the Clean Eating movement by herself. Well she has some books about clean eating, and her cookbooks are awesome! The one I just picked up at Sam's the other day is the eat clean cookbook for kids, and it's got some really great, really kid friendly and super easy stuff to make. I totally recommend!