Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Addy and Her Bee

waiting for bee to get washed

Lisa do you remember taking this pic?

feeding bee some breakfast.

taking bee on the road. shoes and purse both hijacked from my closet.

If you know my daughter very well, you know that she has a lovey named Bee that has been the love of her life since Day 1. Literally. I've had that little thing since Liam was born but he never took a shine to it, so it got saved for the next kiddo. Bee has gone missing at times but has always turned back up a short while later. Like the night before we moved, everything was pretty frantic and busy. It was really late but I kept putting off putting addy to bed because I couldnt find bee. Well, I couldnt put it off any longer but bee had still not turned up. Imagine your house totally looking like a tornado had gone through. Now imagine having to find something the size of your hand amidst the boxes and piles. Yeah, the phrase "finding a needle in a haystack" comes to mind. We started tearing that house apart, but still no bee after about an hour of hard looking. We were starting to get scared that she had gotten accidentally thrown in the moving truck. Finally Addy was so tired I just had to lay her down and hope for the best. Well, the best didnt happen. She screamed and cried, and we all had been saying a little prayer to ourselves before, but now Mom suggested saying one all together. So we did, and resumed the Search For Bee. Not one minute after we had all scattered to look again, I heard dad yell "I found it!!" I grabbed it and ran into Addy's room where she smiled, took Bee, and laid down and wasnt heard from the rest of the night. You can bet there was not a dry eye as we said a prayer of thanks that Heavenly Father is mindful of even the smallest of troubles, and I left that experience knowing that the Lord loves his little ones. Upon questioning my father ("WHERE did you find her????") he said he just walked by the overturned laundry hamper by the washing machine, felt like he should turn it over, and there she was. I swear to you that my mother and I both looked there.

So the purpose of this post today is to chronicle my daughters love for bee, but also to direct your attention to this ebay auction here. This morning I woke up and remembered that I had wanted to look up bee on ebay for a while to see if I could find another one in case the unthinkable happens. And whaddya know I found one! So it will be interesting to see if she accepts this new bee, or if she can tell the difference. I will let you know!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, Funky Sunday

Me and my SIL Ila.
My crazily goofy family members.
My crazily goofy self trying to hula hoop.
Two of the cutest girls in the world!
Sunday we went to Durant and got to have a giganto family birthday party because 5 family members had recently had birthdays. As you can see it's always a crazy fun time when the Masons get together! Posted by Picasa

Our Weekend In Pictures 2

Liam with his good buddies Lilo and Stitch. (plus a fireman hat he had just been handed by the Fire Dept. So now I guess he should be called Minja Fireman.)
My expert marksman making a bullseye on the velcro doodad. The teenage helper beside him is obviously stunned at his incredible skill.
Gratuitous picture of Hot Husband. Posted by Picasa

Our Weekend In Pictures 1

Miss Addy in her Queen Bee costume. What a cutie cakes!!!

Liam as a Dragon Minja. No that's not a typo.
Me and Addy at the park before the costume contest.

Liam with Mr. Slimy Animal Handler. Notice the finger placed ever so gingerly on the "Legless Lizard" when I told him to touch it.
Saturday at Leonard Park and Frank Buck Zoo was a big Halloween shindig called the Zoo Boo. Radio Disney was there in the park in the pavilion doing cool games and a costume contest (that Addison came close to winning, by the way. She got beat out by some brat in a turtle costume.) Then they opened up the zoo and had trick or treating at all the animal stations and a bunch of fun games, which you will be able to see in part 2 of this post. A fun time was had by all even though our legs froze off. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 26, 2007

This House.....

and the process of building it, seems like about a million years ago. Isnt it funny how that happens? I mean, it almost feels like we never lived there. I guess because I feel like we finally made it to our "spot" ya know what I mean? So it's weird to think that I ever lived anywhere else. I dont know if you can relate to that feeling, that severance-of-ties type feeling, but it's a strange one that's for sure.

So, apologies for not having written in over a month. I've had some time to settle in now though, and to process some of my feelings concerning this move. My life is still totally unbalanced though, and things will not be back to normal until I have a house of my own. Everything has gotten thrown off- my workouts, my daily routine, MY BLOGGING, the kids routine, my sleep habits, my scripture reading, FHE, everything. Plus, where I live now is so secluded, I mean I am out in the sticks, people!! So that has been a humongo adjustment, and one that I didnt really see coming. So, there have been some trade offs for living here, again, that I didnt really foresee. Which is dumb. We just knew we needed to be here so we moved without alot of forethought. Which it's probably better that way anyway. Because if I had visited the ward before we moved, we wouldnt have moved. I wont blog about that but I will blab about it if you give me a call, lol.

Our new house is rockin along- I will post pics after I go down there and visit today. And I'll give you the link to the plan so you can see what it's going to look like in a few months. The foundation will get poured Monday which will be grrrreat!

So, I'm sorry again that I lost my blogging mojo. I will try to be better at it because I know how annoying it is to expect an update on someones blog and not get it!! :) I mean, I know yall arent waiting on the edge of your seat for a blog from me or anything, but you know what I mean. Ciao for now ladies! (and gents if you're reading.)
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Addy and Her Boots

her cherry rainboots

her sherpa boots- so cute I had to get a matching pair!

Liams green cowboy boots that she loves to borrow

her pink cowboy boots- what girls wardrobe is complete without pink cowboy boots? :)

Addy's favorite shoes are definitely the boots! When she starts walking around the house saying "Boo, Boo..." you know she's looking for a pair of boots to wear!
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