Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude 11-15-08

You know, today was one of those really mundane days. Just a hang out at the house, no makeup , stay in your jammies practically all day kind of day. So when I sat down to blog a gratitude list, I'm embarrassed to say that nothing really sprang to mind. So today's list will be a little...boring maybe. We'll see what I come up with.

1. watching a movie with my kids that I watched when I was a kid. (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

2. finding my running shoes online for 90 dollars instead of 130 dollars. (last year's model. i dont care.)

3. leftovers for dinner

4. my kids going to bed without any fuss tonight

5. liam "working out" with me today

6. the funny thing addy said to me while on the potty- "mom my toot sounded like clarky's squeaker toy!!" *cue hysterical giggles*

7. cold, crazy windy weather that makes it perfect for Chicken Tortilla Soup tomorrow! yum!!

8. my Real Simple mag coming in the mail today

9. being able to incinerate calories for 24 hours with one 20 minute workout. (google HIIT)

10. Addy snuggling me all day because she doesnt feel good.

11. i'm grateful i can come up with all these things to be grateful for even on days that feel boring and barefoot house-wife-y. That in itself is a blessing, no?

BONUS NUMBER 12: Twilight coming out this next weekend!!!! how could I forget??


Lisa said...

Addy cracks me up!! I can't believe she's talking and're kids are getting so BIG! It was fun talking to you today, love ya girly! said...

Hi! I clicked over here from Steph's Grapevine and discovered that you are blogging again! The "FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed" said "Ada, Oklahoma" in it, so I wondered if you are in Ada. We are in Byng.

I added you to my link list and invite you to do the same.


Karie said...

Ready your list of grateful things made me think of grateful things. Thanks for posting!!!!! Miss ya!