Saturday, March 1, 2008


isnt she sweet? wait a that a..? In her hand? That looks like a tampon! I can only imagine the fun that provided before she fell asleep. You dont know how hard I laughed when I walked in and saw that.

p.s. just so you dont think I let my daughter rummage through the bathroom trash for toys, she dug it out of my purse that was hanging near where she sleeps. The contents of the purse were everywhere. Apparently the tampon held the greatest fascination for her. Which seems to be a theme lately for her. She really loves her feminine products. Like last night Liam was tantruming and in the big middle of it Addy comes running up laughing hysterically, naked as a jaybird, with a, ahem, feminine product stuck to her belly. I have to admit it provided some much needed comic relief. For me. Not so much for Liam. Who cried louder when he saw me laughing. It runs the gamut around here, ya know?