Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Introduction Of Sorts

Okay. Well. Here is my very own, brand spankin new blog. I've wondered what the big fuss was about blogging, but I finally got it today when I read a good friends blog. I can keep family and friends updated! I will have a record of these crazy days with my kids! And, perhaps best of all, it's writing! I love writing! Anyway, thank you, good friend, for giving me this idea! (you know who you are!) ;)

So, I have kids. Two, to be exact. Well, okay, three if you count the husband, but we wont get technical. Liam just turned four and I am left wondering where in the world my time with him has gone. I mean, really. Where does it go? Because, when I think about it, all I really remember is saying "No!" and "Stop! you're going to hurt yourself!" alot. And all I can hope for is that he remembers the fun stuff we've done together, and not the dumb things I have done as a parent. And I used to think I had the parenting thing down, and lately, I am just wondering where I got off thinking that. Because this just gets harder the older (and smarter) they get. And the pressure! When you stop to think that your kids personality is fully formed by the time he's FIVE, well, it's enough to make you want to call the whole thing off. Or reach for a really big bar of dark dark chocolate, shut yourself in your closet, and pretend you don't hear when people are calling your name. Anyway, on a serious note, in the LDS Family Home Evening handbook, it says something to the effect of "The Lord gave you this responsibility, and He knows you can do it" or something like that, and that has given me alot of courage and hope. It helps to know you have someone perfect on your side!
Addy is 10 months, and she is an angel baby. Liam adores her, and loves to make her laugh. She is walking, although she's still in that in between stage where it's faster for her to crawl. She said "binkie" and "bottle" the other day, and she says momma alot. She loves to escape while you're changing her diaper (often at the worst times, like when there's poo still clinging to her bottom) and crawl over, lighting fast, to her headboard (because I change her on her bed) and hang on to it and bounce like a maniac. She smiles and laughs the whole time like she cant think of anything else that would be more fun than shaking that headboard back and forth. Also, Liam has gotten in the habit of wanting a bath at the oddest times of day, and whenever I run the water for him, you can hear Addison's hands slap our wood floor as she speed crawls to the bathroom to hang on the side of the tub and play in the water with her hands.
In the fall I will start on my Kinesiology degree. I am way excited about that and finally feel like I'm doing the right thing, college-wise. Shawn and I are planning a vacation this year for just us, and I cant wait! It will be nice to have some alone time with him, and finally get to go on a cool vacation with him. This year should be a good year, but we just never know what's in store do we?