Friday, May 23, 2008


Ladies, I need your creative ideas. Our budget wont allow for carpet in the kids rooms (we overpsent in a few places). So now I have the idea that I could paint the floors in their rooms, something fun but also *very* simple. Addy's room is kind of a shabby chic cottage room, with pink walls and this bedding, on a white bed. Liams walls are a bright lime green. (Karie, it's very similiar to Dustins walls) His bedding is a pottery barn kids quilt with lots of colors in it that would be easy to pull from and tie in- orange, green, navy, khaki, light blue.

I'm thinking that this might be a blessing in disguise, since it will be so easy to clean, and durable. We will of course add rugs for softness and comfort. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some ideas. Thanks!!!


Karie said...

WOW!!!!! You live!!!!! You exist!!! You blog!!!! Yeah!!!

Hey, I hope your eye is ok. Mama S. told me you got stung by some alien gnat. Totally weird.

My friend Amy painted their cement in the bathroom and it looks great. Not sure how to do it but you are right, it will look good and will be easy to clean. Throw a few floor rugs in and you've got a great room!

Steph said...

i found this forum about painting floors:
and here's a link to the picture of painted on tiles: