Monday, January 7, 2008

Liam turns 5!

Liam turned 5 recently, and I am frankly flabbergasted that he's "a whole hand." We took him to Pizza Planet Plano which was fun but also very crowded. It was just the sort of place you might lose your kid and never find them again, so thankfully my mom and dad and Mate were there to help keep an eye on the 5 kids we had brought. They had a blast, the pizza was good, and it was so great to see my family, who drove down to help him celebrate. They got to stay the weekend and we got to show them around the community.
Then we took him to Target to spend his Christmas gift card and his birthday moneys and we just let him go crazy in the toy aisle. We figured, you only turn 5 once, right? Some of the stuff he picked I winced at, because they were the most random things and I could just see where this was headed about a week down the road but oh well. The one thing I really wanted him to look at was G.I. Joes because my husband and my brothers were crazy about those things when they were young, and I knew Liam would like them too. First of all you had to dig around amongst the other ridiculous toys they sell for boys, and then they had a poo-ey selection, and then when we got it opened up (which is a whole 'nother irritation- why do they package toys the way they do? Do they enjoy irritating me?? Do they enjoy the thought of me being out-smarted by a twisty-tie?? Sadistic toy packagers.) I digress. What was I complaining about? The horrible fart my dog just farted right here under my feet? Oh yes, the cheap quality of the G.I. Joes. Man, they just dont make em like they used to. They dont even really look cool anymore. He still loves playing with them, but man....they just dont make em like they used to. That's fo' sho'.

So my little boy looks not so little anymore and I can swear some days he looks bigger than he did the day before. He's such a blessing to me, and these are 5 of the thousand reasons why:

1. This boy forgives faster than you can say "Will you forgive me?" I am constantly reminded of how much we are to be like little children: meek, humble, and forgiving, when Liam is around.

2. This boy has got a bug in his soul for music and dancing. It is always a day brightener to watch him rock out to his favorite songs (which just happen to be my favorite songs- right now the favorite around here is "You Cant Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. It is a HOOT watching he and Addy dance around the kitchen to that. And very infectious.)

3. He's got a great desire to be like Nephi, Jesus, and Joseph Smith. One day at bedtime we were chatting and I asked him who his favorite superheroes were. The answer: "Spiderman, Batman, and Joseph Smith." He really tries hard to do the right thing. He always says sorry when he messes up. And, for the most part, is incredibly kind to his little sis.

4. Liam is a cuddle bug!!! And I love it! He's got a knack for giving you a hug when you need it most.

5. He's got a great sense of humor and pops out with stuff when I least expect it. I'm guaranteed a good laugh when Liam's around.

Love ya wimmy! Here's to so many more!!


Hannah said...

I said the same thing when Ben and I were putting Esther's Fisher Price Little People garage together Christmas Eve. It is so flimsy compared to the one Isaiah and I had when we were kids! My husband said in response to my complaint, "Three words ... Made in China!" My husband is really opinionated about outsourcing in case you can't tell! LOL! Happy Birthday, Liam!

Lisa said...

Oh my heck! I can hardly believe that little guy I got the priviledge to see born is already five!!!!! Where does time go?! Well Happy Birthday Little Liam!! Love ya lots!