Thursday, November 6, 2008

today i am grateful for...

1. homemade pizza with whole wheat crust
2. my husband who cleans the house every morning while i am at work
3. that my family is coming for thanksgiving
4. cooking with my kids in the kitchen
5. karma-what goes around comes around people!! So dont talk bad about someone to get them fired so you can have their job, because then the economy will crash and the company you badmouthed someone to work for will crash and you wont have a job!! bwahahhahah!!! ahem...sorry.
6. my husband having a job
7. my new furniture


Steph said...

This was great!

Hannah said...

I had to focus on the good ... the passing of Proposition 8 in California to make myself feel more positive. The majority of the people are still good, just misguided and naive about socialism and the freedoms we lose.

Jessica said...

Ashley what are you talking about, did sean lose his job??fill me in

Karie said...

You exist!!!!!! actually I'm hoping this means that you a: have internet connection at your house now and b: that your computer is fixed. WHY?? because I can't stand only getting one post every two months from you!!! I've got to have more tid bits into the life of Ashley! Miss ya! Karie