Saturday, February 16, 2008


1. the front, obviously
2. living room
3. back
4. front door

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Celeste said...

I love your house! I have a big issue with the appearance of houses in Utah. They really do have that kind-of trailer park feel, not to bash anyone who lives in a trailer. But when I want to buy a home and not a trailer, I'd like it to look like a home. Anyway, Greg and I can't wait to move just to have a nice brick home. Maybe in Houston?!?! (I did that for Karie)

Lisa said...

How exciting! It looks like it is really coming together! I'm so happy for you.

Karie said...

Celeste, you almost got my hopes up. :o)

Ashley, the house is just beautiful!!! I'm sure it will be SO nice to actually have your own home again!!! I'm enjoying all these frequent posts, I can't decide which on to comment on first!!