Friday, July 6, 2007

Panic! at my house

So, yesterday, someone came to see the house. Not the first time, but definitely the most stressful time. I had visited Falconhead for the 4th, and when we left the house was a complete disaster. So I get back home and get a call: "can we come see your house at 3 or 4?" Sure, I said. Of course. I hang up and get to work on the house. Thankfully Addison was tuckered out and slept a really long time for her morning nap, so I got a whole bunch done while she was asleep. But there's always those last minute things, like hanging fresh towels in the bathrooms (you know, in case the people wanna smell my towels. "Honey, what about that pretty house on Lake Durant?" "You mean the one with the stinky towels? No way!" I cant let stinky towels be a reason they dont buy the house!), hiding laundry that needs to be folded, emptying out the bathroom trash... etc. I am very nearly done when there is a knock on the door! Oh my gosh! I go into a panic! These realtor people are never on time!! It is 3 o'clock on the dot people!! Apparently my panic spilled over into my children because the kids had been playing contentedly outside. Liam knows the drill: if we are here when the people get here, we go outside. He has been totally fine with that concept, until we heard The Knock. At the sound of The Knock, all of my children's mule-ish tendencies made themselves known. All of a sudden, Addy wants to come inside. Clark is still inside, which I was told by the realtor was a big no-no. Liam decides he doesn't want to go outside after all. I (quietly- wouldn't want the people outside to hear me) hiss at Liam to "take your sister outside! NOW!! Don't come inside!!" but the hissing didn't work because right about the same time I'm opening the door and saying Hi and trying to look normal, I hear Addy at the back door being wrestled outside by her brother and she was in no uncertain terms telling him that she did NOT like being wrestled out the back door. She was not going quietly I can tell you that!!! I look back and see Liam trying valiantly to get her outside, and he yells "she doesn't want to go mama!" I mean really, it looked like she thought someone was trying to drag her to the gallows or something. And if you've heard Addy protest lately, you know how loud and piercing it is. I imagine it sounds something like what a pterodactyl must have sounded like. So then I look back at the people, and I swear that the look on the realtors face was a look you only see in movies. Seriously, I felt like I was in Desperate Housewives in a scene with Lynette and her crazy triplets. She just had this look like, oh. my. gosh. With her eyebrows raised she goes "Can we come in?" I was like "Sure. Sure., hang on a second while I grab my kids by their ears and throw them outside. And the dog! You wont even know we're here!!!" So they're in the house at this point and I'm trying to shoo Liam outside and he very emphatically does NOT want to go outside, so I end up putting us out of the way in the family room and turning on Animal Planet. When they leave I notice that the towels are still where they were dropped in my panic (on the bathroom floor), and the laundry was still there in all its rumpled glory. Definitely selling points, don't you think?


Brandon & Lisa said...

Well, I know that we were looking for houses, I always smelled the people's towels! I mean if it didn't smell like laveder...I was out!

akingang said...

Don't worry Ashley, everything will work out! Maybe those people weren't meant for that house and the kids new it some how? Or they are the perfect people for the house and it won't matter what was going on that day. I have a blog now...akingang...check it out!