Friday, June 29, 2007

Girls Night Out!!

1. What do my puritanical eyes behold?? Oh! My! GOODNESS!! (This picture absolutely cracks me up!)

2. I love how in this picture I'm all "hmmm....oooo..." but Jamie's like "mmm, yeah, next page. Got anything exciting to look at?"

3. I think we look like 14 year old boys in this picture.

4. My dream home!! And so reasonably priced, if you'll notice!

Last night was GNO and while it was a smaller group this time it was still way fun, and I actually prefer it that way. Smaller, I mean. We went to Jonny Carinos and I ate waaaaayyy too much pasta, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much chocolate cake. But that's what GNO is all about right?? We then went to Books A Million where you can see what Jamie and I's favorite aisle was, (I love taking funny pictures!) and then we went to see Evan Almighty. Funny movie that actually had a serious meaning, for me anyway. Oh and I cant forget Target where I bought some seriously cute pink cowboy boots for Addy! I smell a photo op in the future!! Anyway, had to blog that real quick. I gotta go work out while my little munchkin is taking a nap! It will take me a week to work off the pasta and chocolate cake!

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gibsoncasa said...

What do you mean 'WE' ate too much!!?? I did pretty good!!

ashley82 said...

I said "We" went to Jonny carinos, and "I" ate too much. I know you did good!

Brandon & Lisa said...

Thanks for inviting me! I want a GNO! All my girls are in Utah!

gibsoncasa said...


Heather said...

That picture of you cracks me up! I can only imagine what you were seeing.