Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cannery, A Magazine, A Recipe.

So yesterday we went to the Cannery in Carrollton while my sweet best friend watched my kids. It was great! I had never been to the cannery before and when you walk in you have to go through the LDS employment services offices. You could totally feel the spirit- it was so peaceful and all the people were soooo nice. So then we went into the cannery and we hadn't realized that to can you have to have an appt if its not on a Wednesday, but despite that a really nice lady named Carolyn helped us and she told us we could buy the extras of stuff that people canned and didn't need/want. So we ended up with a bunch of stuff and while we were driving away Shawn was like "i feel so calm now!" And I felt the same way. Its the same way I feel when I have a full pantry after a trip to the grocery store when I've bought alot of extra stuff. And that is the way the Lord wants us to feel. He doesn't want us to be worried and that's why we all need to take seriously the feelings I think alot of us have been feeling lately- namely, that we need to hurry the heck up and get our food storage taken care of, and learn some ways to be self-reliant! We are going back tomorrow because they're getting a shipment of stuff in today because they were flat out of lots of stuff when we got there yesterday. They said it's because of the article in the Ensign- everyone is rushing to get their year supply now.

I found a new magazine at WalMart that you should all check out. It is right up my alley because I just love reading reviews of products and finding which one is the best to spend my money on. It's called Shop Smart and its from Consumer Reports. It covered everything from the best diapers to the best sunscreen, to the best cars to buy under 4000 dollars, I mean you name it it was reviewed. And it's a magazine, which means even more stuff will be reviewed next month that I can read about!! Here is a link about the mag: http://www.dmnews.com/cms/dm-news/database-marketing/38287.html.

The other day after Liam prayed we asked him if Heavenly Father heard him. He said yes. We said "how do you know?" and he said "because I pray loud." So just a little tip from Liam: when you don't think Heavenly Father is hearing your prayers, pray louder.

I made a killer salad the other day. Oh it was so yummy. Here ya go: toss together romaine, grape tomatoes, black beans, carrots and cucumbers. Season some chicken strips with Montreal Steak seasoning and grill. Cut up and throw on top of salad. Make cilantro pesto: process or blend cilantro (without stems), olive oil, salt, lemon juice, minced garlic, and cracked pepper. Drizzle pesto over top of salad (or individual salad portions whatever you prefer), along with some good salsa, crumbled tortilla chips, and mexican blend cheese. Mmmmmmm, so good. The cilantro pesto is also yummy on a corn tortilla just pan fried with cheese, salsa, and black beans.

I'm gonna get offa here- a nice lady from my ward is coming over to my house today and showing me how to can food. I've got some peaches I got on sale the other day so I'll start with that. I'll let you all know how it goes!


Celeste said...

I have also been moved to make sure my food storage is in place, also my 72 hr kit!! Thanks for the reminder because I need to get to it!!! Oh, I hope you don't mind, I put your blog address on my "friend'd blogs" lists. That way I don't have to go through Karie to see yours!! :)

Karie said...

Ok Suzie homemaker :o) kidding of course. I love the feeling of being at the cannery as well and you are right, while other's think we are doomsday people, it's not about that at all, it's about being self reliant and the peace that comes from that.

I'm going to have to remember to pray louder, I figured I was doing something wrong, now I know. :o)

The recipe sounds fab, I'm going to try it.

Brandon & Lisa said...

I'm so glad that your "sweet best friend" was so willing to watch your kids so that you could have that wonderful experience. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I really want to go with Brandon. Salad sounds yummy!! I am totally going to make it.

gibsoncasa said...

Real nice!! I go to Walmart for the soul purpose of buying that magazine and when I finally found this is the article that I opened up to: 'Seeing the Light' (good tasting beer that won't pack on the pounds)! Just what I need! But, I love it!! I can't figure out how to get a subscription though.