Sunday, July 8, 2007

What If the Shoe Doesnt Fit?

This morning as we were getting ready for church I went to put Liam's shoes on him and I was stuffing and stuffing those feet in there and they would not fit!! I finally figured out that his toes were scrunched up at the top of the shoe, and there was nowhere for the feet to go! So he ended up wearing his trusty black and white converse sneakers to church, which I bought when I was pregnant with Addy and which I realized this morning are getting to be too small for him too. It always comes as a shock that Liam is getting bigger. I mean, the laws of the universe make it pretty clear that a child will grow into an adult, but still, sometimes you'd like to think it wasn't happening to your child. Of course, other times you'd really like your child to be a grown adult capable of pulling on his own underwear and getting his own milk. But then, I guess, you wouldn't get funny conversations like these:

Liam: "mom, theres a bug outside! and it has tweezers!!"
The funny thing about this is that I knew exactly what he was trying to say but I couldn't think of the word for about 5 minutes. Finally I found the word and yelled out "Antennae! you mean he had antennae!" He said "yeah mom. tweezers." Okie dokie.

We had a fhe a while back on safety, and what to do if you get lost, and if someone tries to pick you up, etc. I'm always having mini lessons on this with him because, obviously, as a mother I'm petrified of something like that happening. The other day I was sitting on Liam's bed with him, and he goes "Mom, what should we do if a kid gets lost in the store?" and he said it in the way a teacher would ask her class. I said, "he should yell his mommy's name really loud." He said "No mom! he prays first!" I felt dumb.

While on a walk with him recently he was picking things up that he wanted to take home and show daddy. He kept begging me to hold his things and I had to say no because I was carrying Addy on my shoulders. (her little short legs didn't make it very far before she wanted to be carried. Luckily the route I chose was not very long.) Shortly I found something that I thought was neat and since my hands were full I asked Liam to carry it for me. Big mistake. Liam goes "Mom! I cant carry it for you! I'm not an octopus! I don't have bunch of arms to carry stuff! I only have 2 little arms! You have to carry it yourself!" I just had to laugh. He'll be a good daddy one day, coming up with stuff like that to say. All I could come up with was "If you find it you have to carry it Liam." I should be taking lessons from him on "What To Say When Your Child Asks You "Why?" So Many Times You Think They Might Be Trying To Set A World Record."

So I guess the grass really isn't greener on the other side. One day when he can put on his own underwear and pour his own milk I know I'll miss the funny things he used to say. That's why we have to enjoy every minute of parenthood and not let things like the internet, our to-do list, and cell phones suck away these small moments we have with our kids. Speaking of, I have some cute little nieces over here that I need to spend some girl time with, so we'll see ya tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!


akingang said...
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Becky said...

He is so cute!! I love it when only the mom can decode!

Brandon & Lisa said...

I'm sad too at how big Liam is getting. It seems like yesterday he was being born!

Heather said...

The funny things kids say, right? The feet seem to grow overnight, too.

Karie said...

Ahhh, it's good to be back in the realm of blogging and to read your blog. I love Liam and Addy's behaviors. HHmmmm, I suppose it's been so long since I've blogged that now I'm at the bottom of your blog stalk!!! just kidding.