Monday, June 25, 2007

On Gluttony

Oh boy. I ate way too much ice cream tonight. For FHE (family home evening for the non-mormon readers) we ate dinner at home and then took the kids to get ice cream at Braums. I go thinking "I will just have a tiny scoop of something in a tiny cone. I can do this." But when I walked in and was confronted with a myriad of sweet creamy choices, I caved and bought the Black Forest Sunday. And the lady must have been in a really generous mood because she piled on way more toppings than I have ever been treated to at Braums. Shawn saw how humongous it was and said "I guess we're sharing a Black Forest Sunday, huh?" because he hadnt even ordered yet. What I said: "Oh yeah! I cant eat all that by myself!" What I was thinking: "Dangit! I totally could've scarfed that whole thing by myself!" But I guess I should be thankful that we shared so that I didnt look like a complete glutton. And so I wouldnt gain 32 pounds.

Things are not going so great here. I am about as sick of rain as a person could be. Did I miss the "Build an Ark memo"? And the forecast says we will have rain for the next 10 days! UGH!! I am going crazy, and my kids are going crazy. Anyone have any rainy day ideas that would last for the next, oh, MONTH? Because that's probably how long I'll need them.

The rain has also threw a way big kink in our plans, move-wise. We had a buyer for the house, we were moving out July 7th, and we were excited. Then, the Flood Of 2007 happened, and our backyard had what looked like a river flowing through it. And the windows in Liam and Addy's rooms are leaking and ruining the wood floor. So our buyer backed out. We're getting gutters, so that should fix the pond (aka front yard) in front, recaulking the windows so that's an easy fix, but the backyard I think we're stuck on. I think we're just waiting for an answer to fall in our laps because we really dont know what to do about it. I know we're supposed to move, so I'm trying not to feel like this is the end of the world, and I'm trying to keep faith that this is all going to work for the better. We shall see.

Signing off for now. Someone please send me a joke or something.


gibsoncasa said...

you could take them to bouncin' around. they have open bounce during the day (not sure of the hours) for $5! we haven't gone yet but I thought about doing it.

Hannah said...

You can build forts with sheets and books and chairs and those swimming noodles! You arch the noodles and put sheets over them. It looks like a Sultan's Palace, especially if you use colorful sheets. If you don't want to mess up your house just read books with flashlights like a slumber party. Or have a "picnic" on the living room floor for lunch. Also, some cheap umbrellas always add a lot of fun if you don't mind taking the kids outside. Embrace the rain!

Brandon & Lisa said...

Your buyer backed out!? Girl, why haven't you called with the latest? I am so sorry about that.