Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some observations...

Have you ever noticed how your children's play clothes will be nearly free of stains, while the nicer clothes they have are pretty much ruined like the first time they wear them? I noticed this today while folding and hanging Liams clothes. Play shirts that are free to have a couple stains? Hardly any. Church clothes and nicer, sure-my-kids-look-like-this-all-the-time clothes? Holes and stains that need an assault from the bleach pen (best invention ever!!) to look presentable again. I think kids are born knowing what clothes will irk you the most if they get ruined.

I have to make a post about Addy today. She is doing so many funny things!! I'll have to do the pics in the next post, but here are the stories behind the pictures:

1. Addy loves shoes. I always love this stage that kids go through because it's hilarious to see them cloppin around in humongous shoes. If you cant find Addy, she is nearly always in my closet, hijacking my shoes. And she doesnt go for the easy to wear ones either. No. This girl loves the high heels. And there is a certain pair that is her very favorite to clip-clop around the house in. She tries them all on, but inevitably goes to the brown pointy toes that are, incidentally, my favorites as well.

2. She LOVES apples. If you are holding her and you walk by the counter where I keep all the fruit, you need to be prepared to stop and get out the apple slicer because she will not let you rest until you have gotten her an apple. But the funny thing is, she will gnaw those apple slices down to the peel, and then throw the peel on the ground. This morning I gave her one and the next thing I knew I was finding apple peels all over the house. Another funny thing is that she loves bananas. She has even started saying it: "nana", and she gets them down quick. We timed her once: 38 seconds. I bet my kid can eat bananas faster than your kid! lol

3. She will actually pick out the dress she wants to wear on Sundays. I will hold two up, and she always knows exactly which one she wants to wear! I think I am serious trouble with this girl!!

4. Lastly, she is one of the most determined little kids I have ever seen! It will definitely serve her well in life, and in that regard she reminds me alot of Shawn. But boy, I can feel some tantrums coming on already. I am already praying for lots and lots and LOTS of patience!

Okay, that's enough bragging for one post. Tomorrow I will have to do my Father's Day post since I never got to!

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