Friday, June 22, 2007

At Long Last!!!

Oh, how I've missed you fair blog of mine!! your cunning words of black and white, that the typing of keeps me up at night! I know gentle reader, you've missed me too- else why would you call and say "where are you??"

Okay, that's enough of that. But really, I have missed typing on my teeny tiny little corner of the net. And now it's been so long that probably nobody will check this because they'll all think I have given up on my blog. But whew! I have been gone so much lately! First I went to visit my family in Houston, which was great, and that was for two weeks. Then I got home and the next day went to Falconhead and stayed for a week helping to get stuff ready for my sister-in-laws wedding. And then, when I got home, my internet wasnt working!!! I cannot tell you how disconnected I felt from the civilized world! I would want to look something up, say, symptoms of botulism, (story for another time lol) and not be able to!! And this is when you know that you are too dependent on the internet: you dont know where else to turn for information. So, anyway, here I am, ready to inform you and entertain you with all the fun and exciting things I have been doing in my life.

Well, "fun and exciting" might be stretching the truth.

Hmm. There are so many things that I want to tell you. Like the day my dog got skunked. I was just looking through the pictures I'm uploading to the computer and saw the one of Clark smeared with tomato paste. He has a really miserable look on his face. I guess I would too if I smelled like skunk and tomato paste. Someone please alert me if I ever do. You know, if my nose's ability to smell horribly offensive smells ever diminishes. In fact, let me try and upload that now. There it goes. Doesnt he look sad? I tried to tell 'im....
Or the day mom and I took my kids to the beach, Addy for the first time. They loved it!! Or when dad took Liam fishing. Or Tonya's wedding and shower, or when I got home from Houston and discovered doggy poo in the back of my car. Or the recent evening Liam told me that wacalolee (gaucamole) looks like boogers. Or the night I rode a Radio Flyer trike around walmart with Mate. But tonight, since it is late, I will regale you with an anecdote recently heard in our house:
Liam walks in clutching privates.
Me: "Liam, ya gotta pee buddy?"
Liam: "No. I'm just itching my penis............and moving it from side to side."
Me: whoa. sorry I asked...
And something else i would just like to ask all you other ladies whose husbands go out of town to work- I will describe my general attitude on these days and you raise your hand if you are the same way:
shower? clean is overrated!
change out of jammies? who needs to look presentable?
nap when the kids do? sounds great!!
clean house? surely you jest!
dinner? cereal sounds good!
I dont know why but when shawn isnt home all semblance of order and routine go with him. And I consider myself a fairly orderly person. It's like, you know, a free day in school or something.
Also, I need some more weigh-in from you mommies- has anyone hit upon a discipline strategy that works well for you? I need some fresh ideas because Liam has hit a new and wonderful stage called "Never Ever Listens To A Word You Say." PLEASE help!!
Well, that is all for now. But rest assured that my blog is up and running again!! "cant nobody hold me down..oh no...I got to keep on movin...". Shut up you know you love me when I'm dorky.


gibsoncasa said...

I've been wondering about you!!! I have it set up to automatically alert me when you submit a new post. It's called 'google reader'. So I haven't been constantly checking your page - no worries here!
I love everything you had to share! As far as the children listening thing goes we recently have been having the same problem so we set the 'two chance rule'. I ask them once to do something if they chose not to do it or choose not to listen the next time I have to say something I just say "This is your 2nd chance. If I have to ask another time xxx will be taken away or you won't be allowed to do xxx." You just gotta find their 'currency'. The being consistent part is the hardest. I find myself fighting the urge to scream at them to listen to me!!
Anyway, my 2 cents!

Brandon & Lisa said...

Oh my heck! Liam freaking cracks me up!!! I am telling that story to everyone I know!! And with the out of town husband deal...I actually find my house is more in order when he's gone then when he's home. Huh, go figure.

Karie said...

Ashley, so the scary thing is that eveytime I read your posts your thoughts are strikingly the same as...mine....ahhh great minds think alike. I can totally relate to the husband out of town phenomina! I'm glad you are back on line.