Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scary Night!!

But before I get to that, a couple of words you will have to know if you want to have a conversation with Liam:
moth= floss
eyelashes= ash-lies. (say that last part like "she LIES to me.")
forgot= gotfor

I'm sure there are more I just cant remember them.

So, my scary night- Most of you know we have a new dog; a rescue Boxer named Clark that we've had for about 3 months now. He's a great dog and very protective of us. He is also very intuitive about people and if he doesnt like something about them, he will sure let them know in a not very nice way!!! He always barks whenever people are coming up the driveway, and that is the very reason I got him, so that he would act as a warning system/protector since Shawn is gone at night. However, he's also not easily spooked- like, he never barks just to bark, and I'm really glad about that. Last night was Shawn's first night at his new job (which he LOVES) and Liam was watching a movie in the family room, and the blinds were open. It was pitch black out side and all of a sudden I heard Clark bark bark bark at the window that faces the driveway, so I went to see if someone was here. Nobody was there. I chalked it up to maybe an animal or something, but then he did it again about 2 minutes later. Now that is when I got spooked folks!!! I went and looked one more time, didnt see anything, and hastily called my brother in law Jonathan who lives about 7 minutes away. He came like a knight in a white....truck with a .38 and a flashlight. He investigated nearly that whole section of woods by the driveway, the whole backyard, everything and didnt see a thing. He came inside, loaded my shotgun for me, said a prayer with me, and after that I felt like we would be fine, but boy!!! There is nothing that strikes fear into a girls heart quicker than the thought that there may be someone outside your house and you are alone inside it with two little ones!!! For sure though, thank goodness I still have the right to bear arms and that I do indeed know how to use that shotgun!! I'm also very thankful that Jonathan wasted no time in coming to my aid, even though he was SICK and it was late and I'm sure he was very tired. Thanks Uncle Jonchin!!


Heather said...

Hi Ashley, it's Heather I met you in the mother's lounge today of all places! That sure sounds scary, good thing for Clark. We have a golden retriever that I love. You've got to love a big dog with a big bark.

Brandon & Lisa said...

Hey, was that the night that you called me?! I actually had fun talking to you that night so maybe Clark knew the only way you would call me so late was if he spooked ya by barking. That's at least one way to look at it!