Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mothers Day...finally

I am finally getting to post my mothers day thoughts!! Accordingly, it is late because of all my Motherly Responsibilities. So here was my Mothers Day: Saturday I got to sleep in and read a book in bed, something I haven't gotten to do in....well, nevermind, I wont add that up and depress myself. Then that night we went to eat at one of my favorite places on the whole earth (well, the little patch of earth called Oklahoma at least!) and it just happens to be across the lake from me! It is called "That Catfish Place." Don't worry, the food tastes better than the dumb name sounds! It is easily the best catfish I have ever had, and the beans are so tasty. And the hush puppies! I am drooling thinking about it.

*wipes drool*

Sorry. So if you come see me anytime soon, (and if I were you, I would), I will definitely take you to eat there and then you will come see me all the time, and I will tell myself that you are coming to see me because you love me, and not because you are using me to eat yummy catfish. I am really sad that I have discovered it right about the same time we are MOVING, but oh well. So we went to eat there Sat. night, the kids acted crazy, but I don't expect them to change their usual ways just because it is Mothers Day. (oh, wait, yes I do.) Addy discovered a new favorite food and ate it to the exclusion of all others, and that new favorite food is Dill Pickle. She ate so many pickles I thought her insides would pickle. Liam ate exactly 1 and 1/3 pieces of catfish, drank a root beer, declared he was full, and then used the booster seats that were stacked behind him on the wall as slides for the action guys that he brought in. Fun times. And, of course, I got some new running sneakers that I have been wanting for a while- the Asics Gel Nimbus. They're metallic green and white, so you know since they're my favorite color I'll be able to run farther and faster.

I'll let you know how that theory holds up.

And then it was Sunday and there were the usual la-dee-da messages about how wonderful mothers are, except the mothers are too busy taking the kids out for diaper changes, reverence pep-talks, and the like to get to hear everyone acknowledge how wonderful they are. But they gave out this really great CD called "For the Beauty of the Earth" for the mommies and it is really fantastic. I've been listening to it all week and I highly suggest you check it out the next time you're at the LDS bookstore.

I have alot more to say about mommyhood but I feel like I've been typing forever and I think my posts are probably too long anyway. But of course, I cant sign off without a shout-out to the special mom's in my life:

Nancy, my mother-in-law, who raised Shawn to be a good husband and father, and who continually impresses me with her willingness to help out with anything she is asked to. She is also one of the most un-selfish people I have ever met, and very rarely complains about things! Thanks for all you do Nancy Lou! :)

My own mom, who always shared her chocolate with us, and if you know my mom, that is really saying something! But seriously, she has always come to my rescue whenever I needed her. That time I had double mastitis...twice, letting us live with them for almost a year while we figured out what the heck we were gonna do with our lives, coming and helping caulk and paint the house when we were on a tight time budget, driving down the night I went into labor with Addy... I love her lots and I will always be thankful that she and dad raised us right and helped us figure out early on what would really make us happy in life. She has also been a great example of kindness to everybody and every thing -she loves animals and I have definitely inherited that from her! Maybe she and I should form the Turtle Saving Coalition Force, where we drive around in search of turtles that are crossing the road and pick them up and help them on their way so they don't get run over. And maybe throw red paint on people who run over turtles for fun. Mwah! Love you mom!

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gibsoncasa said...

so will you take ME to eat catfish?!
you should ask me about the CD that we got for Mom's Day. I'm currently working on a post for my blog about that very CD!