Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesterday Shawn showed me the insurance benefit paper from work so I could look over it. I noticed that sterilization is covered, and I said "Oh, that'll be nice when we dont want kids anymore." (even though I have mixed feelings about that surgery, and am not even sure we would use that). Liam, who was standing nearby us, said very sadly "But I want to stay with my family forever!!!" It took me a moment to realize why he had freaked out, but when I did I heartily reassured him that we're not getting rid of the kids we already have... lol.

Last night in bed Liam was snuggling with me and I was reading my scriptures when I realized he was staring at me. I said "What?" He said "Nothing. I was just looking at your pretty eyes." !!!!! What a heart melter!!!

The other day he climbed up on the counter to get a cup out of the cabinet, because, in his own words "I can do everything on my own!" Well, I have told him and told him not to do this because he's bound to fall or something. He got up there with no-one in the kitchen with him, and suddenly I heard this ear splitting scream. I ran in there and he had banged the side of his head into the corner of the cabinet, and pretty dang hard. He ended up with a large purple lump and as I was holding some ice to it, he said "Mom, (sniffle, sniffle) Tom and Jerry dont need ice when they get lumps. Their lumps just go down by themselves." I had to laugh and explain that that's because they're cartoons, and we're real humans.

One of my favorite bands is Coldplay, and my favorite song is "Fix You". I listen to it pretty often and Liam is quite sure the chorus line goes like this "Iiiii will guiiiiide chit pole." All attempts to persuade him that that is not the line are refuted.

And finally, one from Addy- just now she was playing with the cd player that is right here next to the computer. I said "No, addy! Dont play with that!" A couple seconds later I hear her playing with it again and I turn around to tell her no again, and she flashes me a huge new-toothy smile and says "hi!" except the way addy says it it sounds like this "Hieeeeeeee". lol.

I'm sure there are more that I cant think of right now, but when I remember them I'll make sure and blog it! :)


Hannah said...

Those sound like Emma. She takes everything I say so literally! Four is a really fun age.

Karie said...

Way to go on your run!!! Very inspiring! I love hearing about the kids and their cute sayings. Miss ya! Karie