Saturday, May 19, 2007

My first 5k race!!

the picture on the left is me crossing the line- dont ask me why I felt the need to act like a dork as I finished. Also, please try not to look at my mayonnaise colored legs. The one on the right is of me and one of my cheerleaders. :)

So I ran a 5K race a couple of Saturdays ago, and it was alot of fun! Well, after the fact, of course. I wouldnt call running 3.1(or .2, whatever it is) miles in 30 minutes (and I'm not tooting my horn there with that time dropping- I know that's not a spectacular time) alot of Fun. One of my good friends organized it and signed me up, and I am so glad she did! Shawn and Liam and Addy were standing at one of the bends in the course and when I went by they all cheered me on and Liam even ran by me for a few seconds. I started a minute and a half late, but I still won first in my division!!! I considered not telling you that I was the only one in my division, but then I remembered that in my profile I described myself as honest so I better live up to that, huh? Can't be living a double life here on the internet. But anyway, even though I won a medal and all, the absolute best part of the whole thing was my family cheering for me. That was the best feeling and I hope I always do things in life that are worthy of their encouragement and cheerleading. And also, it was great to have my husband so proud of me. I mean, I know he's proud of the way I take care of the family and stuff, but this was different because he was proud of me for MY accomplishments. So anyway, I've been meaning to post that for a while, but hadnt gotten around to it. I hope I get to do alot more races!

p.s. Oh! I almost forgot!! There was a 67 year old man who finished his race in like, 25 minutes or something like that. He's my hero.