Monday, August 13, 2007

Why A Broken Air Conditioner Will Make You Gain 32 Pounds

Got any guesses? This is my theory, based on personal experience from this past week: it's because you eat so much ice cream and popsicles in an effort to cool off your body that you end up gaining about 10 pounds. Add to that a general reluctance to work out in a 90 degree house and you have a great recipe for weight gain. The guys are supposed to be over today to fix it, but we shall see. In the meantime I am over at my friends house enjoying her air conditioner. Dont tell her that because she thinks I'm over here to watch her kids. hehe.

Well, Moving Day approaches. And now that I write that, I realize that I never even blogged the exciting news that our house had sold! So we have to be out the 20th, which is next Monday. Saturday I am having a surprise party for myself for my 25th birthday! So make sure you dont tell me because it would totally ruin the surprise. It's a beach theme party in my front yard at 3:00, so if you're free pop on over! And bring the kids!

So anyway, back to the subject of moving day: do you know that I have not one thing packed? Yes, this week will prove to be tons of fun as I get a party put together, pack, and try to have a garage sale. It is really weird to be moving. i didnt think we would be leaving durant for a very long time, maybe never. I love our house- the very first house we have had as a married couple- I love our ward, I have great friends and family here that I will miss dearly...oh well. It's strange how life works sometimes. But when you're being led in a different direction all you can do is say "Okay Heavenly Father!" and have a little faith! Which is waaaaaaaaaay easier said than done! Especially when you are not going to have your own house for another half a year or so. We will be living with his parents while we build our house. Which I'm not concerned about living with *them* because I know we'll get along and everything, but I'm concerned about living *with* them, ya know what I'm sayin?

Well I'm gonna go take the kids in the backyard to go swimming. Have a great day!


akingang said...

Well, you didn't have to remind me that you were I am sad, but I am happy for you guys too! We will miss you very much, but you're only 1 hour away, and I will blog, blog blog to keep in touch.

Brandon & Lisa said...

Girl! I can't believe you haven't packed yet?! This should be a very stressful week for you, I feel bad that I am not closer so I could help you out. Hey, is your mom coming to the party?