Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On Exercise

So, it has been about 3 weeks since I last worked out. I absolutely hate it when I do that to myself because this is usually the scenario: I work out consistently for a couple of months, and then *BAM* a kink gets thrown in the schedule and 3 weeks later what do you know I've lost all my muscle tone (because I always lose my muscle quick, but thankfully I get it back quick) and whats more, I've gotten cranky. For me, working out is more about making my family happy because it makes me happy! My mood is sooooo much better when I run and work out and I can always tell the difference in my stress level when I dont do those things.

But today, the drought ended because this morning I woke up at 5:00 (!) to make it to my friends fitness Boot Camp that she's running. In the beginning I was like, this is easy. Piece o cake! But then, she started killing our arms with pushups and triceps dips and I thought I would DIE! But when I got home and showered, had breakfast, etc. I noticed that I felt so different. I had so much energy. I've been goofing off with my kids more today, dancing around, singing, and just generally acting like an idiot. But I love that! I actually have the energy and motivation today to get my pizza crust started so that dinner can be on time tonight, and I dont feel like the day is stretching before me endlessly, with nothing in it but endless repetitions of "mom! make her move! or "mooooooom! come wipe me!".

I also have always felt that we have such an obligation to take care of our bodies, that when we dont it's kind of an offense to the Lord. Here we have these beautiful bodies (despite the fact that you may not think it's beautiful) that are so integral to the Plan of Salvation and what do we tend to do but pick it apart! You know what I'm talking about. "Man, she has such great arms, thighs, fill-in-your-coveted-body-part-here." Because the thing is, there is something beautiful about each and every one of us! Yes, that means you!! Because, guess what else? We are made in the image of God, and isnt He perfect?

So I guess my point is, there are other reasons to exercise than to have a skinny waist, or a perky butt, or whatever. Your mood will be better, you'll have more self-confidence, energy, and motivation to get through your day, whatever it holds for you! So just start. If you're currently overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done in a day, just go for a walk. Do an aerobics video. Just start. You will be so happy with yourself, I promise!


gibsoncasa said...

Are you talking to ME!!?

Brandon & Lisa said...

That is so true! I find that I have so much energy since I started working out. And I'm so proud of myself because I have been keeping up too! I love the feeling of working out...I just feel good!

Celeste said...

Ok, so I have had my elliptical rider for almost 3 yrs now and I swear to you that I spend about 30 minutes a day "staring" at it!! And guess what?!? I haven't even lost one tiny little pound from it!! And I also have definitely not found some fountain of youth and extra energy from it. Maybe I should increase my "staring" to 45 minutes a day and see if that helps me find the bliss you have found. If not, I SO want my money back!!!

Hannah said...

That's why I'm a yoga addict! I'm nice to my kids!

Karie said...

Thanks Ashley, great comments!!! I agree, I always feel better when I'm taking care of myself. I admit that I've come to a place in life where I enjoy exercising (I never thought I would). But what I enjoy more is that as I grow, I become more interested in living a healthy life than being skinny or having a superbod (even though the idea crosses my mind when I compare myself to society). For me it's a way of staying healthy so I can live a longer healthier life and enjoy my kids and grandkids. My dad and step-mom are the example of being in extreme shape and living a healthy life, but they don't "excersize" as we know it. They are just very active riding bikes, climbing mountains, hiking, skiing, and eating well. I was pleased when the Dr. asked Dustin why we eat and he said "To be healthy". I used to think skinny meant healthy, but as we all know just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they are healthy! Amy R. mentioned something interesting as she's being going through the PA medical program. She was able to view a heart of an active person during surgery and a heart of a sedetary person during surgery. She said that it was amazing how different the hearts looked! Food for thought for all of us!!!