Friday, April 13, 2007

Change Is In The Wind

So, I wrote a honkin big blog about a month ago, complete with pictures, and then it got LOST!!!! Ohmygosh, it was SO frustrating. But Karebear (lol, didja like that Karie?) told me that there is a way easier way to attach pictures, so maybe this time I wont be on here for hours trying to attach pictures of my little lovelies while my bum goes numb in my chair. :)
Wow, things sure change fast, dont they? Just when you think your life is settled, and you know the direction you're going in, you get thrown a curveball and you're left wondering if anything in life is ever *really* for certain. I am referring to a life change that I will now inform you all of: we are moving. Yup. I thought we would never leave Durant, but we have found *the* perfect place for us, in Falconhead, Oklahoma. It's a community of sorts built around a golfcourse, and it has a lake, and a pool, and camping grounds, and hiking trails, little playgrounds everywhere... and lots and lots of trees. Yea for trees! The golfcourse was, of course, was the deal closer for Shawn. He's like "I can take the kids golfing everyday!!" I'm like "I can take them to the playground everyday! And walk them to school!" The nearest Church is 2o minutes away in Ardmore, and the nearest big city (Gainesville) is 30. The reason we are considering it is Shawn' s mom and dad are moving there, and they drove us to see it last Monday. Also his brother and fiance, when they get married, are going to live there. It's a gated community out in the middle of the woods, and when we drove in we were just in love. You can look it up at . But the pictures dont really do it justice. So dont judge it based on the pictures. But we have alot of decisions to make, and we havent even really prayed about it yet, but we got such a good feeling when we drove in that I think we'll get the answer we want.
In other news, Addison has turned a year old. Wow. Her first year just really flew. She's got a great sense of humor, but also a wicked temper. About a month ago she started throwing those flop-on-the-floor-and-make-herself-go-limp-while-she-cries tempers. They never last for very long, like 2 minutes at the most, but they definitely have me worried!! She loves to play with her little purses, baby dolls, and her hairbows, and whenever you need a distraction you can always count on mommy's makeup bag to keep her entertained for at least 30 minutes. And the other day she picked up my chi iron (that had thankfully cooled off already) and put it to her hair. But she also dearly loves to be in the dirt with Liam, whom she utterly adores. And the feeling is (mostly) mutual. Liam likes playing with her and making her laugh. He has really turned into mommy's little helper. He puts the soap in and starts the dishwasher for me, always gets me diapers, helps me cook, puts away his clothes... I'm really enjoying this stage we're in. And he's so funny! He can always make me laugh, and I really enjoy that as well.
It seems like I always have these funny things that I want to write about what the kids said or did, but I cant ever remember them! My memory is so bad these days- it ran out on me when I got pregnant with Addison and hasnt been seen since. Or maybe I have seen it and I just can't remember... (Addy just walked up and put the iPod earphones in her ears, so i turned the music on for her. Pat Green came on. She likes it. Good girl. LOL she's trying to dance but she cant dance and hold the earphones in her ear at the same time. She takes the earphones out and dances, and then puts them back in. Funny girl.)
Well, I will sign off for now. Maybe I can get better at writing my blog because I really enjoy it. I have to go find something to keep us entertained on this rainy rainy day. Got any ideas?


Karie said...

Wow! Moving?? You're going to have to fill me in on the details. Somehow I was hoping it would be a bit South of the OK border, but hey, I can't have everything. Good for you guys!!!!!

I'm lovin' the pictures!

Karie said...

I chuckled at your "Karebear" comment. My sister has called me that since we were tiny. What a coincidence!