Sunday, April 15, 2007

Any Given Sunday...

addy at home after church working off the Relief Society Wiggles
Liam with his new CTR ring!!

If you are the mother of young children and if most Sundays are spent trying desperately to get something out of Sacrament meeting, then you will appreciate this post. This morning getting the kids ready went unusually well, and by some miracle I was left with alot of extra time to get myself ready. I was able to keep tears of impatience at bay during breakfast prep with my rousing renditions of such favorites as "Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree" and "Book Of Mormon Stories". We got to church on time (in the interest of full disclosure I will tell you that this NEVER happens), and took our seats. Liam was very reverent today and only took one piece of Sacrament bread instead of 4, and put the water cup back in the tray when he was done instead of keeping it and later turning it into a plastic missile, and Addy was easy to please as well. And I know you are not going to really believe me here, and that's okay, because if I hadnt been there I wouldn't believe it myself, but I was actually able to listen to the talk WITHOUT HAVING TO GO OUT A SINGLE TIME! Of course, that would be because I delegated responsibility to my charming husband. All Sunday I kept thinking "well, somethings gotta give. it cant be this good all day." But ya know what? IT WAS!! I know you're waiting for the punch line, the all-heck-breaking-loose story, but I dont have one for you today folks! It was such an irregular day that I had to write about it, as normal as it seems! The best thing that happened today though was that Liam got his CTR ring. Call me sentimental, but I almost cried when he came running up to me with his finger waving in the air to show me his new ring. I mean, come on! Getting your CTR ring is such a defining moment in a young Mormon's life! :) I even remember when I got mine, so it's a little weird that I'm old enough to have a kid old enough to get his.
So, there it is: my uneventful, remarkable day. May all of us mothers have those kinds of days, and often!


Steph said...

I love it!! I feel your pain - or lack thereof!

Karie said...

Ashley, you have such a great way of detailing and describing your days! I'm enjoying your posts more than most books I've ready (I'm being serious). I'm glad you shared your lovely day with us!