Saturday, April 14, 2007

10 (okay 11) Things You Probably Dont Know About Me

1. I peed in my pants on the playground in 2nd grade. Way embarrassing.
2. I give the squishy dried apricots to my kids so that I can eat the firm ones. Hey, what they dont know cant hurt them.
3. I think Red Delicious apples are anything but delicious.
4. I have never been able to dive. As in, go head first into the water. Weird.
5. I hate sneezing.
6. Some days I really hate to exercise.
7. I have never eaten the following foods: collard greens, Bit O' Honey candy, or frog legs.
8. I have been guilty of accidentally breaking a fast by eating some of the kids' Goldfish in Sacrament.
9. I think Mothers Day should be at least every week.
10. I have always wanted to buy one of those wierd "Enquirer" type magazines.
11. I dont own a single baseball cap. I know, right? It's like I'm not American or something.
And now I have to tell you a sweet story about Liam: today (Saturday) is Responsibility Day in our house, where we clean up the house and get stuff ready for Sunday. Towards the end of getting everything done, I was sweeping up the kithen (for what seemed like the kazillionth time) and the dustpan was just out of my reach. At about that time Liam walked by and I said "Oh, hey, Liam, could you hand me that dustpan?" and then kind of to myself I said "cause I just dont think I can bend down one more time to pick that dumb thing up". He handed me the dust pan, and then walked behind me and said "mom, I will give you a back mashage" and started rubbing my back. Awwwwwww!!!!! What a sweetie heart. I just love that boy. Another thing he has started saying lately that I would like for him to tell me for the rest of my life is (and he'll just say it out of the blue) "Mom, you're the best!". Sometimes he makes me want to think about looking up preschooler sized straight jackets, but he sure has a fantastic way of redeeming himself.
Love to you all- have a good Sunday!

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Karie said...

1. Ok, I love the squishy apricots. We'll negotiate next time you are visiting.
2. Peeing in my pants seems to ring a bell as well.
3. Frog legs are good if they are fried, don't ever try them boiled! Just imagine a nice swampy flavor. YUCK
4. I'm lucky, my mother-in-law buys the Inquirer mags once in awhile so I can read hers!

Seriously, I love your blog! it feels like you're next door!