Sunday, April 5, 2009


First, i have Liam's birthday, way back from New Year's. He turned 6!! Man, where does the time go? I blinked and he was big! No more blinking. Enough of the blinking!! Anyway, we had his brother-cousin over for a few days and took them and another friend to a super fun park for cake and presents. Pretty low key but it was all i could manage after the holidays. Which is why I am going to start celebrating his half-birthday and having a party for him at the end of June. That way we can make a big deal about him, and throw a big party at the pool or whatever. And he can feel special, and I wont have another big celebration to plan for on New Year's eve. And now, with one picture, i would like to show you all why i love this boy so crazy much-

He can always make me laugh.

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Lisa said...

Oh my heck, Liam is so much like Shawn! What a funny guy, just like his daddy. =)