Sunday, February 22, 2009

my favorite christmas pictures

these pictures are of my brothers, Miles and Mate, trying to put together Addison's Rose Petal Cottage on Christmas Eve. In this first one I love how the little cottage is all caddywampus while Miles intently studies the directions.

i can only imagine how many christmases my father wore this same expression, while putting together some bicycle or barbie dream house.

total. complete. frustration.

but in the end, it was all worth it, just for that excited smile.
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Hannah said...

LOL! Their faces are classic! And Addy's is sweet!

Lisa said...

How many guys does it take to put together a play house? I love it!! Addy looks so happy once these two figured out what they were doing. Hehe.

Carissa Mason said...

Julia has those exact same pjs!!! They are so adorable!
Oh, and tell Miles and Mate a woman could've had it put together in 10 minutes flat and not even chipped a nail. LOL!

Karie said...

I love those pictures because I always think it's so sweet when guys, uncles, brothers, take the time to do something for their sisters/or little girls. Way to go Mate and Miles! You guys rock!