Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8th Anniversary

For our anniversary we had planned on going to Dallas and spending a day or two. Well, we stopped in Sherman to do some things, and whaddya know we got stuck there! There was freezing rain that iced up the highways so we decided to just stick around Sherman. The next morning we got a call from my sister in law that Addison was throwing up!! I know what a date killer. So we ate at Johnny Carino's (which honestly wasnt that great) and headed home. I am calling a major redo.

My cheeks- full of air. Shawn's cheeks- full of bread. Dont get between the man and his bread basket!!

Wow. Have I really been married 8 years?
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Lisa said...

8 years! wow! I can hardly believe that you have been married that long. What a bummer anniversary and I totally think you need a do over!

Tyler said...
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Ashley said...

Thanks for looking at my blog. I'll add you to my blog, too. You also have a beautiful family. I can't believe it was so long ago that I used to pick you up for seminary. How is your mom doing? I have thought about all of you over the years. It is so wonderful to hear from you.

ila mason said...

this picture of shawn had liam written allll over it wow! thats so liam haha gorgeous couple :D luv yall