Friday, December 21, 2007

7 Years!!!

This pic was really hard to take! I had to set the self timer, then run and jump in the tree and hurry and turn and smile! We fell off a couple times before we finally got this one! lol


me on our date night.

on our way out.

On a walk by the lake. I thought about photo-shopping that beanie of his burnt orange, but then my next post would be informing ya'll of our divorce.

the sunset one night. the view from our deck.

On the 16th Shawn and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. He surprised me with a trip to a cabin on the lake and it was so beautiful. It was the first time we had been on vacation together since our 1st anniversary!! Horrible I know. We spent all day in the Temple one day and it was so nice to just take our time and do all the stuff we wanted to and not worry about getting home at a particular time. We were gone 4 days and even though we enjoyed our time together, by the end of it we were itching to be with our kids again! They were ready for us to be home too. I guess Liam was tired of making dinner and changing Addy's diapers. What? We left them a cell phone in case anything happened! Just kidding we left them with their Nana and Aunt Ila who took great care of them and said they behaved beautifully. They swear they're not lying about the "behaving beautifully" part even though I had barely been home 15 minutes and I was already breaking up tiffs and asking them to "speak in your big kid voice. No whining!". Why do kids always behave better for other people?

7 Things I Love About Shawn:
1. In the middle of an argument he'll make a joke and who can be mad after that?
2. He is an awesome father and always, *always* makes time to play with the kids, even when he is so exhausted he can barely stay awake through the game.
3. He's always looking for the best in people and tries to ignore their faults.
4. He's a great motivator, and is always helping me be better, do better.
5. He's very fair and humble. Always the first to apologize, no matter if he is wrong or not.
6. I love the fact that he came into my life at the absolute perfect time. Alot of people wonder why I got married so young, and I used to wonder that myself, but looking back on things, it could not have worked out better than if the Lord had had His hand in it. Oh wait, He did!! :)
7. He is a very hard worker and his first priority has always been providing for his family.
Mmmmmwah! Love ya babe!

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Lisa said...

Congrats! I can't believe its been seven years already, time flies. You guys looked like you had alot of fun, I'm happy that you got to get away for awhile. Love ya!