Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

just me and shawn, hanging out before we take the kids around.

The fam before we set out to voluntarily give our kids a shot at pancreatic failure. notice how Addy has already discovered some goodies put in there by Nana. Also notice how I am wrestling liams face *towards* the camera because he was itchin for a shot at the goodies too.

Halloween was good this year, namely because my kids got to wear their costumes like 4 separate times, so that was fun. It was the first time I had really gotten to meet people in our community and introduce myself, so that was nice. We met alot of nice people, and I got to peek inside a bunch of houses I had been curious about! haha. And it seems to be a slightly older community, so the kids ended up with a bunch of apples and bananas. Which I thought was great! We then came home, got the kids in bed, and I promptly threw away the sweetarts, bottlecaps, suckers, and bubble gum. And probably a bunch of other stuff that I cant remember now. Hey has anybody ever noticed how the inside of a Halloween bag full of candy smells? I HATE THAT SMELL! It is so disgusting to me. Just wondering if anyone else hated it too. Okay, well, I guess that's it for our Halloween 2007. Hope yours was great too!
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Lisa said...

Man! You suck!! You got rid of all the good stuff...apples and bananas...geesh, what kind of trick or treating is that?! You guys should have hit our neighborhood, we handed out all the good stuff!!!

your kids outfits look way cute!! What were you and shawn?

Karie said...

1. Where are your costumes???? LOL
2. Addy looks so cute in her bee costume.
3. the apples and bananas sound great!
4. I can see that you are spending ample time on the computer playing with graphics. Very fun. The pictures look great!
miss ya!

BROKEN said...

WOW,,,you look GREAT!!! Shawn's costume is freaking scary. I like the way his face is all deformed looking.

ashley82 said...

nice ken, real nice. lol