Friday, October 26, 2007

Addy and Her Boots

her cherry rainboots

her sherpa boots- so cute I had to get a matching pair!

Liams green cowboy boots that she loves to borrow

her pink cowboy boots- what girls wardrobe is complete without pink cowboy boots? :)

Addy's favorite shoes are definitely the boots! When she starts walking around the house saying "Boo, Boo..." you know she's looking for a pair of boots to wear!
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Hannah said...

My girls LOVE their boots, too! Obviously since they HAD to wear them to Lisa's that day! Emma Jean still talks about "that boy who peed outside." I'm just kidding! She still talks about "that boy we saw at your friend's house in Texas." I laugh about the peeing outside thing because I think you forget how scandalous I am since you were apologizing and I was thinking it was pretty funny! I'm glad to know Ben will be done with his Masters Degree and hopefully in our own house when I start potty-training this boy, because he's gonna be peeing outside summer of 2010!

Lisa said...

I love that she loves her shoes! And the boots she has are so stinking cute!! You so need to post a pic of Addy in her cute little Bee costume.